pajama party | bachelorette edition


we love themed parties. any reason to turn a party into a themed one should be pounced on.

sophia’s bachelorette party turned into a comfy pj party- complete with themed snacks and a photo board!

Gayle & team did an amazing job putting this party on, & it was a beautiful time of celebrating sophia (& her fiance).

Also, please enjoy this photo progression of our sister pics, where Gayle suddenly becomes amazed with my gold sparkle toe polish.



One Month Ago…

IMG_6474One month ago was the craziest, best day of the year.One month ago seems so far in the past, and also like it just happened. One month ago Gayle married Patrick.

When people say their wedding day went off without a hitch, I internally think: LIES. There is always something small (or big) that can and will go wrong.  Thankfully nothing terribly tragic occurred on 08/01/2015. Little things I wished I could go back and change, I know I can’t. Why stress anymore?

I am so thankful for all the friends and family who gave up their Saturday (and so much more than that) to help prep for the wedding. The wedding would have happened no matter what, but it was so much sweeter (and less painful for me) because of all the help.

Also, I during the wedding planning my new favorite phrase was learned:

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”

HOW TRUE IS THIS!? Ugh, so true. I am so thankful for planners in my life- and not only planners, but decision makers. I love you all.

Since I was in the wedding, I didn’t get a lot of pictures, but here are a few I did get…and when Gayle shares more pictures I will too. 🙂

IMG_6491 IMG_6508 IMG_6516 IMG_6533

Bachelorette Party| Part 2


The first part of Gayle’s weekend was all about pampering yourself: bubble baths, 4-star breakfast, king size bed… all things I love. The second part was all about being outside: tents, hammocks, fires, water balloons… all things I love. It really was the best of both worlds. (Thanks Hannah Montana.)

After finding the perfect spot to set up camp, we ate our delicious dinner of hot dogs. Seriously, I’m not a big hot dog person, but when it’s roasting over the open fire- how can you not love them? (unless you don’t eat meat, then I get how you could not love it.) Of course we s’mored it up. To up the ante a bit I brought several types of marshmallows (regular, strawberry, and lavender) and chocolate (milk, dark, sea-salt and caramel, and coconut). We chatted around the campfire for bit and then got ready for bed. We were so lame. At 10pm we were all in bed. AT 10PM! Also, we slept in different tents/ hammocks- so there was no bedtime giggles or talks. We are old ladies who love sleeping.

I’m so glad we went to sleep so early, because when you camp you get up with the sun and the birds. Ugh. I started the fire, made coffee, and started on breakfast before 7am. Gross (but beautiful and at the same time a really nice way to start the morning). After breakfast we made flower crowns. (huge hit with the 5 year old). After a peaceful crown making session, we continued with playtime. I had made (and hauled all the way up the mountain) paint balloons! (Water balloons filled with paint and water.) We played catch with the balloons before it turned into war! (*Since I didn’t tell the girls about this, I also brought several old shirts so their clothes wouldn’t become paint stained.) After paint balloons, we paint powdered (so easy to make). Honestly, the paint powder part was mostly for photos (and to throw at Gayle). I’m not even going to lie about that. Thanks Pinterest for giving me ideas that turn into me going crazy.

IMG_6366 (1)IMG_6364 (1)

FullSizeRender (9) IMG_6389


This past weekend was so much fun. I am so thankful to all the women who helped out and came to celebrate Gayle. I cannot wait for her wedding and marriage to Patrick!

Bachelorette Party| Part 1


I love parties. I love planning and executing parties. The hosting, not so much. BUT I did love Gayle’s bachelorette party (part1) at Los Poblanos. Partially because I was so stressed out about planning the weekend, but as soon as I turned into Los Poblanos’ long drive ALL THE STRESS WENT AWAY. It’s magic. It is a deliciously sweet and magical place. (you may remember my birthday weekend here– hey any excuse to stay here I will take.)

The party was so much fun. We drank (non-alcoholic. baby sister doesn’t drink). We played (the game was ‘junk in the trunk,’ but we place the box in front and not on the rump. We also used little bags of sour patch kids instead of balls. SPK are Gayle and Patrick’s favorite candy. THIS GAME WAS HILARIOUS. We ended up dividing into two teams and had each team try to toss their candy into their person’s box. Once all the bags were in the box the person wearing the box had to try to get all the candy out of the box, not using their hands. Let’s just say, my team won thanks to some creative twerking.). Gayle opened gifts (mostly tame, she has friends who know and love her). We laughed. People left. Gayle took a lavender bubble bath. I cleaned. We slept. Perfection.

IMG_6266 IMG_6265

Things I took away from the night: The sweetest, most thoughtful friend brought a gift for me (she brought one for Gayle too). It was such a kind gesture. Her note instead was a kind reminder that I was loved and all my work for the wedding was appreciated. (hostess gift for the win- always!)

The bride just wants to relax and have fun. DON’T EVER BRING DRAMA TO A BRIDE. That is so so so selfish. Let the bride think all the planning was easy. The bridesmaids were all darlings to deal with (they were!!!!! honestly!). The bride has so much to deal with, that if you can work something out or just get over it- DO THAT. A few months from now, take her to coffee and tell her how witchy some things (or people) were and laugh about it. She’ll appreciate that you didn’t bring it up during her wedding season.

Ladies love to kiss things- and then judge how their lips look. The guestbook was just a piece of paper and a lot of lipstick. It’s such a fun way to ‘sign’ in. You can frame it, or do as the modern gals do and just take a pic and then throw it away. 😉

FullSizeRender (8)

The morning after Gayle, a friend, and I had breakfast at the Inn. After breakfast we had a few hours to prep for the next part of the weekend… get ready for part 2!

Bridal Shower

I am so tired. Bridal showers are exhausting. BUT SO WORTH IT. I am so bummed I didn’t take any pictures (I guess that’s the dilemma of planning, executing, and hosting the party (no sleeeeeeeep). Even though I didn’t snap a bunch of pics, I did want to share about the shower.

At first, Gayle didn’t want a shower. She wasn’t all for the idea of being the center of attention and people buying gifts for her and Patrick. After a lot of explaining that this was how people wanted to love on her (and that we were buying her gifts regardless, so it might as well be something she wanted)- she conceded.

To me the shower was important, because I didn’t throw an engagement party. The party was kind of selfish of me- I needed it. My baby sister is getting married and I needed to celebrate it. To accept it. And parties, to me, are a reality check. THIS IS HAPPENING. Also… I AM SO SO SO SO SO excited for it.


Menu (Gayle was born in FL, and from our time living there acquired all of food tastes from the south it seems):

sweet peach tea

mini chicken and waffles

mini key lime pies

mini corndogs (this girl…)

cucumber sandwiches


Throwing a shower was also important to me because Gayle is leaving for North Africa soon. I’m going to miss her face. One of my favorite thing to to do is send letters with her. She is the honey in my tea for sure- my life is so much sweeter because of her. I love you little owl and am so excited for you to go- and then get back. 🙂

Emet Em Ta KCP

“Sister. She is your mirror, shining back at you with a world of possibilities. She is your witness, who sees you at your worst and best, and loves you anyway. She is your partner in crime, your midnight companion, someone who knows when you are smiling, even in the dark. She is your teacher, your defense attorney, your personal press agent, even your shrink. Some days, she’s the reason you wish you were an only child.” Barbara Alpert

Gayle and I had a secret club growing up and we would say ’emet em ta kcp’ when we wanted that club to meet. We still talk about how strange we were and also did our parents know we painted the inside of our closet ceiling with paint? Anyway we all know my baby sister is getting married soon and I hoped and prayed I would be her MOH.

When I landed from CA a few weeks ago, Gayle picked me up. On accident. She was originally going to pick us up, but then after the two days of plane delays it just wasn’t going to work out. I guess she didn’t realize that I had made alternate arrangements, and when her work conference ended early she headed to the airport. It was a nice surprise, and Sarah just took the other car home. 🙂

Gayle took me to lunch (Chik-fil-A: her conference was serving that and she was bummed she was missing it, so that’s where we went). The super nice manager at Chik-fil-A started chatting with Gayle and after a few minutes we went up to order and he paid for our meal. 🙂 Best Chik-fil-A ever is off of Paseo in Albuquerque.

We sat down and Gayle handed me a bag. I knew what was in it, but I still started crying. Why? Who knows. I am just so excited for her to be marrying Patrick- and that she is so happy.

IMG_5497 IMG_5498

After a tumultuous round of ‘where is Gayle getting married,’ we found a perfect place. I keep saying ‘our wedding’ and I KNOW it’s not, but it is. I mean I’m gaining a brother! Let’s make this all about me. 😉 Gayle and Patrick will be saying ‘I do” at the Railyards. Currently Tina Fey is filming a movie there. That must mean is the perfect place right? I am so excited for this wedding- for the dancing, the cake, the crying, but most importantly the marriage! God is good and I am so blessed to witness Him in their relationship. I pray their love strengthens their love for Christ and that they serve Him through it.

IMG_5561 IMG_5558

Love, love, love

IMG_5254 (1)Eloise is one of my favorite characters. She’s 6. And she always, always, always says things 3 times.

But that’s not what this post is about, this post is about how much I love Valentine’s Day. 🙂 Valentine’s Day is a fun time to dress up in a dramatically romantic outfit. Red lips. Black tulle. It’s also a time to give just because I love you gifts to special people. This year I gave out socks. You are welcome. Here’s to love! And cake.

FullSizeRender (1)             IMG_5250

Also this post is about LOVE and I love that GAYLE AND PATRICK ARE ENGAGED! It didn’t happen on Valentine’s Day, he asked her a few days before. I am so, so, so excited for the two of them! I cannot wait for their August wedding. AUGUST. SO SOON. She’s got this planning under control though. And thankfully she has some amazing friends to help her out. (Even if when they look through bridal mags in my living room, my living room turns into looking like a swanky waiting room).

IMG_5247    IMG_5318