random life in November

November was a difficult month. It also was a time to reflect that when times suck there is still SO much to be thankful for. Sometimes your day is ‘the worst’ (please read that in your best Jean Ralphio voice), and the only nice thing about it is a good cup of coffee… and that’s ok. Good bye November 2017. I didn’t like you, but appreciated you very much.


*and I know I used the wrong “you’re,” it’s an inside joke. 😉


Land of Enchantment

IMG_2900.JPGNew Mexico is my favorite (minus the car thieves… and just general crime). This state truly has so much beauty.

Monday was a long day. It was a 6 am-6 pm work day. Ewww. It’s easy to hate these kinds of days, but it’s also so sweet to wake up and see the beauty New Mexico has. I MEAN LOOK AT THAT VIEW.\

One of the meetings was with an astronomer who showed us the Sky Shed Telescope at camp. New Mexico is the only Girl Scout camp with this intense type of telescope/ astronomy program. img_2896.jpgIMG_2902The second meeting was at The Blake in the Taos Ski Valley. OMG. If you ever ski Taos, stay here. The art alone at The Blake is worth the steep price to stay there. Also, Taos Ski/ The Blake is a B-corp. What?! SO COOL and ugh so beautiful. I can’t wait to go back.

Basically, I just love New Mexico, and it’s the best in the fall. ❤




After my car went on a week-long journey to wherever, it is back. I do not wish this stress on anyone. The thieves get away and I get to pay for all the damages they’ve caused (still less expensive than a new car!).

What’s sweet though, is last night as we were waiting on a few car repairs to take place, my sister prayed. She prayed for the person(s) who stole my car. That people would come into their lives to be the light. It was a prayer for their well-being and for them to repent too. I’ve forgiven them, but forgiveness does not mean that there aren’t consequences to sin. There are and there should be. As much as I forgive them, I also, would like to know that they recognize how much hurt they caused.

Anyway here are a few ways to help a friend who has had their car stolen OR damaged:

  1. Offering rides is nice, but sometimes people don’t want to inconvenience their friends (even if this means paying extra for an Uber). So instead of saying, ‘let me know if you need a ride,’ ask, ‘what time should I pick you up tomorrow to take you to work/ the store/ ect?’ This isn’t asking, it’s basically telling them that you’re coming. What time would they like you to come over?
  2. Check their social media before asking questions- chances are they’ve posted the story there and don’t want to repeat it over and over and over and over. Constant texts can be overwhelming. Remember, you’re probably not the only one trying to contact them. (But DO text them that you’re thinking of them/keeping an eye out/ praying/ sending good thoughts/ ect…)
  3. Share whatever post they’ve posted about their stolen car. Maybe you live states away. Maybe you only have 5 friends. It still means the world.
  4. Find out what was stolen from the car and, if reasonable, buy them a replacement. I had a box of La Croix in my car… that the mean thief (thieves) drank. My friend bought me another box. The little things mean a lot.
  5. Don’t re-victimize them. Yes I know I should have made sure all four doors of my car were locked. I don’t need the reminder. Yes I shouldn’t have left my favorite new vest in the car. Yes I probably should have bought a steering wheel club years ago. Yes the crime in downtown ABQ is terrible, how dare I live here. BUT ALSO PEOPLE SHOULDN’T STEAL! I should be able to leave all my doors unlocked (I didn’t) and all my valuables in the car (I don’t) AND PEOPLE SHOULDN’T STEAL! I already have to pay for all the Ubers, any damages the person(s) caused, the towing, the everything which is a lot. That’s already punishing the victim again and again. I don’t need a lesson from friends right now- I got that from myself, the insurance, the police, and my parents. I’ve learned my lesson (my car does now have a steering wheel lock, and so much more)- just please agree it sucks.

The picture is of Nephew grabbing Lanay’s hair. I just love him so much. He makes each day better.

Lanay’s Thyme


Fall in Albuquerque is my favorite (minus the stolen car part). My heart has been kind of low lately, and as much as I try to remember that we are to praise God in the good and the tough times, it’s hard. BUT HE IS SO GOOD. He timed my bestie’s visit  for the perfect weekend.

Lanay didn’t really have this trip scheduled out to Albuquerque, but then sadly, her grandmother’s health started to decline so she made the decision to turn her Colorado weekend fun trip into a visit to New Mexico. Her reasons were definitely not for me, but God knew I would need her encouragement this past weekend, and not just over the phone, but in person.

The support of a friend is such a sweet gift from our Lord. A friend to really pry into my heart. To make sure my positiveness was not just an external front, but that I truly was ok inside as well.

Unfortunately, I was sick for Lanay’s visit (AND didn’t have a car). Which I guess was good, because I wasn’t taking a lot of time from her family. But I wished we could have spent more time together… #selfish. 😉


Lanay is such a dear friend, and encourager. We don’t always have the same views, but we challenge one another to grow. I think that’s one of the reasons I treasure our friendship SO much. She makes me want to better my relationship with God.  Also she’s so selfless, her parents live 30/45 minutes away from me, and she just drove, drove, drove me everywhere while she was here.

Originally I had planned to write about the Day of the Dead parade, which was GREAT. But I think the heart of any event is the people you get to experience it with… and that’s my Lanay Joy.

* In high school/ college we had a ‘cooking show’ called Lanay’s Thyme…get it cooking…THYME. OMG it’s still so clever. 10 year’s later and the show is still going strong. And by show I mean friendship.

My Car Was Stolen

Ugh. My car was stolen. It was taken either late Wednesday night/ early Thursday morning from my gated apartment complex. Ugh.

I went out around 7:00am to walk Dolce Dog, didn’t notice if my car was there or not. Then I went upstairs to get ready for work. Around 8, a friend called asking for a ride to an appointment. Of course I said yes. So at 8:20am I went downstairs to get in my car to pick her up.

“Hmm, I thought I parked in this spot last night? Maybe not?” “Where did I park?” “Is someone playing a prank on me?” “Oh shit, my car has been stolen.”

^ That was my thought process.

I called the police. I called insurance. I called my parents. I talked to my apartment management. I joined every Albuquerque car theft group possible. All pretty much could only say that my situation sucked. That the statistics for getting my car back weren’t pretty, but possible. They said that most cars stolen, if recovered, are found within 3 miles of the theft site. My car, apparently, is generic enough that it’s popular to steal and take across the border to sell.


Guys, Thursday was still a good day. It just had a really sucky situation to it.


I took the day off work (OBVIOUSLY). I regrouped. I filed my police report. I went to get coffee and a burrito. Hannah came to walk around with me searching for that car (hey, who can’t walk a 3 mile radius?).

My coffee was good. My burrito was great. We met a farmer who gave us free radishes.


Thursday was still a day that God created. I still was SO blessed Thursday. Never have I felt so loved by friends/ family. SO many calls and texts (a little overwhelming…) of encouragement and sympathy. The day was car was stolen, I realized how privileged I am- to have had parents who cared for me as a child. to have been invested in and loved. to be raised to not hate. What caused someone to steal my car? And how do we change that hurt?

Facebook Status

IVF (I’m Very Fortunate)

I’m writing this blog because one of my closest’s friends is pregnant through IVF. I can’t even imagine the intense emotions this brings to a person/ family, but I DO KNOW THERE ARE NOT A LOT OF POSTS FOR PEOPLE SUPPORTING FRIENDS GOING THROUGH IVF! Why? I Google everything (except how to clean a fish tank…), and when I looked for some friendship stuff for IVF… NOTHING. Thanks internet.


Anyway, there’s not the perfect way to be a friend through IVF, but here are a few things I’ve learned/ done/ decided on…

  1. BE FLEXIBLE (and forgiving). Oh my gosh, they’re shooting themselves with hormone shots EVERYDAY. Who knows what kind of emotions they’re going through. Maybe you’ve made plans to meet up and last minute they cancel. GET OVER IT. THEY ARE LITERALLY TAKING SHOTS TO THE BUM. Enjoy the night off with no plans.
  2. THIS IS NOT THE TIME TO INTERJECT WITH YOUR BELIEFS ON IVF. Agree or disagree, your friend is doing it. They’ve thought about it. They don’t need you to tell them about the science/ religious beliefs behind your ideology. (For the record, I love Jesus, and I think whatever way you decide to start a family is the way YOU decide to start a family.) This is also not the time to talk about IVF behind their back with other friends. Ugh, stop it already.
  3. Don’t share their news, and don’t assume all their friends know (whoops). Don’t share they’ve decided to undergo IVF, that’s their news/ decision. Don’t share they’re pregnant. Let them have that. If people complain that she’s never around anymore or not being herself; stand up for your friend without telling everyone what she’s going through.
  4. Remember when BE FLEXIBLE was #1? It’s also kind of #3. When plans get canceled, maybe take a meal over instead, or the next day. Your friend has to rest a lot, and maybe could use some help meal prepping. Or send flowers. Seriously, just get them a “just because” present. They deserve it. (Shots… everyday. No.)
  5. IVF doesn’t always work. In fact, statistically, it’s not a very high percentage. So be prepared for it to not… that means being there and still loving on your friend. They’ve just put their body through X amount of months of torturous doctor appointments and spent X amount of dollars in hopes of having a baby. Let them know that you’re there if they WANT to talk, or not. Take them on a spa day. I didn’t buy any baby specific gifts until my friend was 3 months pregnant…
  6. I DID make a big deal after the ‘procedure,’ (idk what the best thing to say is…) was done. She couldn’t do a lot for a few days, but I brought over dinner (+dessert, be real here), got her a friendship necklace and wrote a note about how amazing she is, and how Albuquerque and my life wouldn’t be the same without her. I also put that I’m so excited for her and her hubs to start a family, and that sentimental jazz too.
  7. When your friendship group all knows you’re doing IVF, and you’re pregnant, sometimes the pregnancy isn’t celebrated as much. Yeah, we all were praying for you when you got your procedure done. We know the egg is in there… we know you picked the gender… so parents don’t really get to announce their pregnancy in a ‘cute way.’ In my opinion, this SUCKS. So when 3 months hit, and she was still pregnant, I bought some baby clothes and just celebrated with them! Celebrate the baby!
  8. IVF pregnancies can be scary- scary in that they’re more high-risk (in my mind, no medical degree here). My friend has had some heavy bleeding scares lately and can’t do any activities really. Send encouraging texts, let them know they’re in your thoughts & prayers, offer to bring food, order food in for them, send a greetabl (guys I love greetabl), ask about the baby/ pregnancy, but don’t be pushy (this should go for all babies/ preggo ladies).
  9. DO continuously pray for the baby/ momma/ daddy/ pregnancy.
  10. THROW THEM A SHOWER. OMG. Why is this even a question/ option?!?!

I’m very fortunate to have friends who are going to be amazing parents. I’ve very fortunate that they’re 5 months pregnant and Baby S is healthy. I’m very fortunate that they’ve decided to share this part of their life with me. I’m very fortunate that when there are scares, I know about them and can love on the couple and pray for them. I’m very fortunate that I get to be in this baby’s life and have another cute ‘nephew’ to hold.

Baby S, YOU ARE SO LOVED. Please stop scaring your parents & me, those two are too amazing to be going through all your scares! I’m praying for you now, and I’ll pray for you for always.


February can’t come soon enough. Fingers crossed you’re cute. ; )

Leslie Knope Knows What’s Up





When in doubt, waffle it out. Celebration time? Waffle time. Need a good food to eat with friends? Waffles. Need a good food to eat solo?  Waffles.

Last weekend I had waffles (from Tia B’s La Waffleria) with my sweet friend, Michel. (my current go to here: Walnut with bananas and lavender whipped cream and a honey latte umm yes please.) Not only was breakfast great, but the company was so amazing as well. We caught up on life, dreams, and plans for the future…

I feel like I’m in a transition of friendships in life- this happens in your twenties I’m told. Who do I want to invest time into, and need to invest into me? Do I have anything in common with this person anymore? Am I holding onto something that just needs to end? Nothing dramatic needs to happen, but sometimes friendships fade away. It’s ok. I keep telling myself, it’s ok. No one hates you, you don’t hate anyone… sometimes friendships just can’t last forever. BUT….

Michel is a keeper for sure. She’s the friend I can just vegetate with and watch movies, or the friend who will try new things and is always up for an adventure. She’s so full of acceptance, love, and wisdom. Also… her couch is so comfortable. Boom friendship.

Exciting news: Michel is pregnant right now! And it’s a boy! Another little boy in my life. ❤ I cannot wait for him to arrive (actually I can, little boy, don’t you dare come into this world until February)! Michel and her husband, Mitch, are going to be amazing parents. There are, probably, the coolest couple I’ve ever met. Like all the hipster, without being hipster at all.

Another amazing part of my friendship with Michel is she just gets my obsession with celebrities. Not like an unhealthy stalker obsession where I think I know them, but an obsession that I feel like IF I knew them, we’d be friends (or not friends…). She let’s me live in a fantasy world sometimes, and joins in on it. Ugh, thank you Lord for this. These types of friends are far and few between.

Anyway this is basically just a post about how great waffles are, and that Leslie Knope was so right about breakfast foods and the importance of female friendships.