60 Reasons I Love My Dad


60 Reasons I Love My Mom is probably (jk, it definitely it is) my most popular blog post. Not wanting to leave Dad out, and since his birthday was October 1st I put together a list of reasons why Dad is awesome too (even though he’s older than 60, I only did 60 reasons… you know equality and all)!

  1. You smell like coffee (I think this is why I immediately liked coffee).
  2. Every time I get into an accident (sorry! I am a terrible driver.) you make me feel not like shit for getting into another accident. Once, on my way up the coast to you for Easter, I got into a fender bender… and you told me to turn around, go home, get some chocolate, a bottle of wine, and just sit on the beach and relax.
  3. You genuinely care how my day/ week/ month/ year is going.
  4. You pick up my phone calls… even when you know they’re just going to be ‘nothing calls.’
  5. You understand my need for social time, but most importantly you understand my need for alone time.
  6. One time (and I’m sure you’d do it again), I was going to miss out on a Disneyland trip with Gayle and a few friends because I was working an unpaid internship in California and had $0.00 in my bank account for fun… and magically the next day I had enough money for Disneyland, 2 churros, and lunch in my account. ❤ Dad Magic.
  7. You told me therapy is ok.
  8. You’ve made me question religion, church, and Jesus so much… therefore strengthening my relationship with Christ and making it my own. Thank you.
  9. Growing up, my place in the pew at church was next to you. I did this so when I feel asleep I could rest my head on your shoulder (also sorry for falling asleep in church).
  10. Oh my gosh, if Youtube gave awards for people who loved Youtube, you’d win one.
  11. Our politics are pretty different (not extremely, but just enough). Even though we see the world and people through different lenses, you listen to my views and challenge them.
  12. Wine. Thanks for expanding my knowledge of wine, good wine.
  13. Everyone likes you. Even if you don’t like everyone.
  14. You know that mom is right, even when she’s not, she is. I’ve learned that instead of arguing with her, just to try it out her way… and if that doesn’t work at least you tried.
  15. You’ve supported my travel- even when I’ve known you’d rather not. I’ll bet you question why your daughters don’t visit England, but instead Iraq… or Guatemala instead of Italy… you know why? But instead of make us pick the choices you would make, you let us make our own.
  16. You love my dog. Maybe not love her, but you love me and I love her… so you love her.
  17. Beer. Drink good beer. Have good conversation.
  18. Having a tiger mom is/was hard sometimes, having a dad who balances that out is pretty nice.
  19. I’ve seen you cry twice (and it’s ok to cry). Once when your dad passed, and once when our family dog, Duchess, died. I don’t think you cried (or let tears escape your face) because a dog died. I think you cried because I was inconsolable. It was my decision to put her down (she was so old guys, and not enjoying life), and you came with me to the vet, and let me make the choice to hold her while dying. I know you’ve probably worried about how attached I get to animals (even the imaginary ones), but thank you for letting me grieve and for feeling my hurt.
  20. You drive fast.
  21. You read to us as children. We saw you reading. I love to read. I don’t think this is a coincidence.
  22. You worked hard, in a job that you didn’t love. You did this so your family could have nice things. Thank you.
  23. You enrolled me in etiquette classes and made sure I could successfully dine with the Queen, if need be.
  24. When you weren’t working, you were a present father. You went on field trips, cooked for us, and showed up.
  25. You let me believe that Santa is real, even if this means going to Walgreen’s on Christmas Eve so you can get things to fill up my stocking.
  26. You are patient.
  27. You love your family even though we are a bunch of weirdos.
  28. My relationship with you is ours. You, hardly ever, make me feel like the “in-between.” I don’t really have to relay information to my sisters from you. That’s nice.
  29. For some reason you carry a handkerchief, and that’s nice when I need to blow my nose. (Also kind of gross.)
  30. Your food = my food.
  31. I know that when/ if I get married, my husband will be your favorite son-in-law. It’s just a fact.
  32. Through you I now know that just because someone doesn’t call or write doesn’t mean they don’t care. That’s just not how they roll. (my sister is so your daughter.)
  33. You taught me how to drive. Maybe not one of our best experiences. I was definitely the most difficult daughter to teach to drive, but you did it. WE DID IT!
  34. You taught me how to change my tire,
  35. how to jump a car,
  36. how to change my oil (and why it’s so much easier just to take it to the car place),
  37. how to check my tire pressure,
  38. how to add coolant,
  39. and why all car-owners should know how to to do these things.
  40. You’re shown me that when you invite people out, you pay for them (within reason).
  41. On family vacations, you drove a lot. A lot. And when everyone else fell asleep, you’d answer all my questions about the world.
  42. My friends considered you a dad… even if you could never remember their names. I think they just loved having someone interested in what we were doing.
  43. Your humor is terrible. I mean it’s funny, but it’s so sarcastic.It’s terrible funny. You know what else is terrible… that’s my humor now too.
  44. You have 3 daughters who are all SO different, and you love us each so differently to illustrate that we are individuals and each important to you.
  45. You can talk to anyone. Sometimes this annoys Mom… you know when you’re talking to the repair man, and learning he went to school in Ukraine, and all about his life there…and he’s charging us by the hour.
  46. You make it VERY clear that it’s not our money, it’s your money (and mom’s). AKA you have to work for what you want, it’s not owed to you.
  47. Growing up, you prayed with us every night.
  48. Even though you’ve missed a lot of my birthdays growing up, you bought me Dolce dog to make up for it. #bestpresentever
  49. I have never thought I can’t do something because I’m a girl. You never put that on us.
  50. One time, in high school, you compared me to the UN. You said I was extremely diplomatic, and had a lot of potential. I don’t know why, but that has always stuck with me.
  51. A couple years ago when my job was eliminated, your advice to me was to grab some wine, relax by the pool, and just relax for a few days before starting the job search. These lessons of wine and water reminds me to not stress out! Life will be ok, and even if life will not be ok, just to take a moment to breath.
  52. You remember I’m allergic to strawberries.
  53. I can turn to you for advice- and even if you’re not an expert in the field, you’ll figure it out and get back to me. #whoevenknowswhatthestockmarketis?
  54. When you went away on business trips… you would bring us back little presents. Why did this stop?
  55. You lived a pretty cool life. From taking day hiking trips via planes to living in a million different places because of the Air Force…you’ve lived a pretty cool life.
  56. You love babies. I don’t know why, but a lot of people are impressed by how great you are with babies and kids. Shouldn’t all dads be?
  57. When I was little I accidentally watched a lot of 20/20 with you… and it freaked me the freak out what terrible things are going on in the world. You always talked to me as an equal, explained these tragedies to me, and then made me feel better about the world because of all the good in it.
  58. You support the companies I love. As right winged, conservative as you are, you still love the “love everyone” companies I’ve interned for… and you support them, follow them, and like everything they post on social media. #bestdadever
  59. You have a great smile, it’s just so comforting.
  60. You believe in me. I may not know where I’m going in life, or what my passions fully are, but I do know that I have support to take me there. Thank you.

***bonus 61*** You keep binoculars in your car. You say it’s for “whale/ dolphin/ boat watching, but I know where I get my love for ‘stalking’ people from.



my first diaper

I am 28, and previous to this year I have never changed a diaper.

Nothing about changing a diaper grosses me out, it was all a pride issue, but I did it… finally.

Little Sister trusted me to watch Beck, & I knew this came with the possibility of a diaper change.

10/10 I would do it again.


Welcome Little One

baby beck truett gozur,

you made your way into this world in a strong manner. you did not want out. who could blame you? this world is scary, but oh so sweet… and much sweeter now that you’re here.

you’re a pretty big baby. over 9 lbs at birth… closer to 10 lbs! but no matter how big you get, and i’m guessing you’re going to be taller than me pretty soon, please know that i will ALWAYS be here/there for you. no matter how far you’re parents take you, and where the Lord leads you… i am supporting you, loving you, praying for you, and will always do so.

being an aunt is my favorite roll yet. you’ve got a pretty amazing cousin who i’ve already corrupted. 😉 i can’t wait for you to meet him, and for him to meet you.

i pray everyday for each of you. that you grow up to know and love the Lord. that you are kind. that you are strong and healthy. that you are motivated to help others and succeed in life. i asked God that you never live a life a part from Him, and that you bravely follow Him and lead others to Christ.

i pray for the world to be a better place. that you grow up in a world that isn’t fighting constantly. that the environment you live in is void of hate. & since i know that isn’t happening until Christ’s return, i pray that you live a life of love, and all around you are as well. i pray that your life is full of laughter (with your parents… this is 100% happening), full of playing outside, and full of adventure. i know it will be a good, sweet, life beck. a good sweet life.

welcome to the world little one.

Dear Dad,

Happy Father’s Day to you. Even though every day is technically father’s day- you are a dad to me 24/7/365 (or 366 depending on what year it is). I just want to tell you how much I love you! And to thank you for being, truly, the best dad ever.

IMG_5987Thank you for never, ever making me wonder if you loved me or not. A lot of dads are not vocal with how much they love their children, and how proud they are of them. You are. I think this communicative strength of yours instilled my strength that I can do anything (and if I fail- I am still loved).

IMG_4806 IMG_4812

Dad, thanks for spending time with us. From reading us bedtime stories, to playing patty-cake until we’re in our mid-twenties. Thank you for showing us that family is important (and so is fun). A lot of daughters are not as fortunate to have such amazing parents- and I try, try, try to not take this for-granted. Thank you for being a father to my friends. For loving them. I see so many of my girlfriends struggle with image issues- cutting and starving themselves. Thank you for taking time to talk to them; and to listen to them. Thank you for accepting me. You never tried to make me into anyone other than my weird, weird, weird self. You bought me a dog when I decided my only friend was an imaginary giraffe (Oh, sweet Maxine. She’s still alive in Africa, you know. Imaginary giraffes live for a very long time.)

You are the most patient person I know. I’m not sure if we have ever let you finish a story. 3 daughters and a wife: the world’s greatest interrupters. Thanks for showing me to listen (I’m still working on it). We are so different. If you’re not 5 minutes early, you consider yourself late. If I’m 5 minutes early…. well that will never happen. 😉 And while we are so different, we are so similar. You understand my need for alone time. That sometimes large groups can be overwhelming to me. I, so, appreciate your understanding. It makes me a happier person.


Dad- will I ever find a man who loves me as much as you do? Who will answer my questions? Who will push me to be a better person? Who is excited by my need for adventure? I hope I do. I hope you love him and you guys are best friends (and that I am a little scared of, because I am slightly already jealous of that). You teach me everyday that family is a priority- and that love, as much as it is a feeling, is a decision. Thank you.

Most importantly- you teach me to make my relationship with Jesus my own- that it is not about legalism, but about the Gospel. My peace is that He is always with me- and the best Father of all.

I love you Dad! Happy Father’s Day!

Vacation Time

My family is the greatest. Upon hearing the news that my job was no more- their immediate response: vacation time. Thanks Mom and Dad for always, always, always showing me what is important in life. Sometimes you just need to get in a good vacation before the “real world” happens.


Yes I did bring Dolce dog. AND yes my nephew is the best dog walking partner around.

I whispered to my older sister in the car, “I think Dad is taking us for ice cream.” I have never felt more like a 7 year old in my life. Also my dad was not taking us for ice cream. When Lisa and I both expressed our GREAT disappointment over this, he turned the car around and stopped by the ice cream store. (Nephew is comparing his cone with mine. I won.)IMG_5943

Just the cutest kid in California.

Also thanks to my family again- for recognizing that even during a family vacation I need recharging time. They are currently at a winery- and Dolce and I are here alone enjoying introvert time. Remember to voice what is important to YOU- it was important to me that even during the greatness of family time, I get alone time. I am happier for it, they are happier for it. Everyone wins.

Bridal Shower

I am so tired. Bridal showers are exhausting. BUT SO WORTH IT. I am so bummed I didn’t take any pictures (I guess that’s the dilemma of planning, executing, and hosting the party (no sleeeeeeeep). Even though I didn’t snap a bunch of pics, I did want to share about the shower.

At first, Gayle didn’t want a shower. She wasn’t all for the idea of being the center of attention and people buying gifts for her and Patrick. After a lot of explaining that this was how people wanted to love on her (and that we were buying her gifts regardless, so it might as well be something she wanted)- she conceded.

To me the shower was important, because I didn’t throw an engagement party. The party was kind of selfish of me- I needed it. My baby sister is getting married and I needed to celebrate it. To accept it. And parties, to me, are a reality check. THIS IS HAPPENING. Also… I AM SO SO SO SO SO excited for it.


Menu (Gayle was born in FL, and from our time living there acquired all of food tastes from the south it seems):

sweet peach tea

mini chicken and waffles

mini key lime pies

mini corndogs (this girl…)

cucumber sandwiches


Throwing a shower was also important to me because Gayle is leaving for North Africa soon. I’m going to miss her face. One of my favorite thing to to do is send letters with her. She is the honey in my tea for sure- my life is so much sweeter because of her. I love you little owl and am so excited for you to go- and then get back. 🙂

Emet Em Ta KCP

“Sister. She is your mirror, shining back at you with a world of possibilities. She is your witness, who sees you at your worst and best, and loves you anyway. She is your partner in crime, your midnight companion, someone who knows when you are smiling, even in the dark. She is your teacher, your defense attorney, your personal press agent, even your shrink. Some days, she’s the reason you wish you were an only child.” Barbara Alpert

Gayle and I had a secret club growing up and we would say ’emet em ta kcp’ when we wanted that club to meet. We still talk about how strange we were and also did our parents know we painted the inside of our closet ceiling with paint? Anyway we all know my baby sister is getting married soon and I hoped and prayed I would be her MOH.

When I landed from CA a few weeks ago, Gayle picked me up. On accident. She was originally going to pick us up, but then after the two days of plane delays it just wasn’t going to work out. I guess she didn’t realize that I had made alternate arrangements, and when her work conference ended early she headed to the airport. It was a nice surprise, and Sarah just took the other car home. 🙂

Gayle took me to lunch (Chik-fil-A: her conference was serving that and she was bummed she was missing it, so that’s where we went). The super nice manager at Chik-fil-A started chatting with Gayle and after a few minutes we went up to order and he paid for our meal. 🙂 Best Chik-fil-A ever is off of Paseo in Albuquerque.

We sat down and Gayle handed me a bag. I knew what was in it, but I still started crying. Why? Who knows. I am just so excited for her to be marrying Patrick- and that she is so happy.

IMG_5497 IMG_5498

After a tumultuous round of ‘where is Gayle getting married,’ we found a perfect place. I keep saying ‘our wedding’ and I KNOW it’s not, but it is. I mean I’m gaining a brother! Let’s make this all about me. 😉 Gayle and Patrick will be saying ‘I do” at the Railyards. Currently Tina Fey is filming a movie there. That must mean is the perfect place right? I am so excited for this wedding- for the dancing, the cake, the crying, but most importantly the marriage! God is good and I am so blessed to witness Him in their relationship. I pray their love strengthens their love for Christ and that they serve Him through it.

IMG_5561 IMG_5558