190 Days In


I added two dresses to the list: of pack of white tees, bathing suit, and fuzzy pullover– making my new clothes total for the year 5 items! (Lie- I also bought a couple undergarments… but like, you have to have those, right?)

For some, 5 items might still be a lot, but from January- July of last year I probably had purchased at least 20 new clothing items (on a non-profit budget…). 😦 Isn’t that insane? AT LEAST 20! Who was I? The freaking Sultan of Brunei?

My obsession with new things isn’t healthy and it hasn’t completely gone away, but I am so thankful that its lessened.

Things that have helped me not buy as much:

  • UNSUBSCRIBE FROM ALL STORE EMAILS! You will not tempt me with your % off sales!
  • Tell people you aren’t buying new clothes- accountability!
  • Don’t go to the physical stores- ring a ding ding genius.
  • When you HAVE to go to the store- bring cash for exactly what you need! You can’t spend more if you don’t have more!
  • Do a closet inventory and get creative with what you haven’t worn in a while.
  • Start a dress-code/ uniform for yourself (my casual Friday outfit is now jeans and a white tee… the amount of time I have saved by giving myself a uniform is AMAZING).
  • If you find yourself online browsing with items in your cart- wait at least 24 hours before pressing buy! If you aren’t thinking about it that WHOLE time while waiting- you probably don’t need it. While waiting check your wardrobe for anything similar to what’s in your cart. Also, the items in your cart should be SO versatile- like you should be able to think of at least 3 ways to wear it with pieces you already own.
  • This one is super inconvenient for life, but do not let your computer/ phone auto populate your payment info. It’s more painful if you have to type it in yourself…

What are some ways you’ve cut down on spending money on clothes? Help me out!


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