1st Birthday (Korean Style!)


Alien Parasite Baby is ONE (check out posts about Beck here and here and here)! Can you believe? (ALSO- full disclosure, totally obsessed with Queer Eye on Netflix).

My parents came into town with my 6, year old, nephew (future post on nephew #1’s days with Emo E later) to celebrate this fun event! Beck’s momma, Gayle, decided on doing a traditional Korean 1st birthday, complete with doljabi, for the party.

My momma and Sophia (Gayle’s BFF) cooked up a storm (I mean Gayle helped too, and I did a little…). The finished product was a beautiful, full, birthday table. ❤ And a lot of happy guests. Below are some of my favorite pics from the day! (and in case you were wondering, Beck chose the paintbrush twice! Can’t wait to see what kind of creative life lies ahead of him!)



Beck- I love you so much. Your family loves you so much. I pray that you grow up surrounded, aways, knowing how much we love you- and that you discover a greater Love as well. You’re the bee’s knees and I just am obsessed with everything you do.


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