Sunset Strolls


I miss when summers meant FREEEEDOM, fun, and lots of sunshine (and sleeping in… all the sleeping in)!

Now it’s like I get off work and feel like the whole day has been ‘wasted’ inside a building. I forget that the sun doesn’t really go down until after 8! That gives me at least a good hour (after going home and taking the dog out for her walk) of summertime sunshine! Of basking in the sun and hopefully becoming a shade or two more bronze…

The sun going down doesn’t signal the end of the summer day, in fact, sunsets might be my new favorite part of summer! The perfect time when you feel the warmth of the day, mixed with with the coolness of night. When things get just a little more still. This past weekend I went on the most beautiful sunset stroll. I forget how close I live to the Rio, and how wonderful New Mexico sunsets are. ❤

Walking around the Bosque is not only gorgeous, it’s free! Yaaaasss. Saving money, having great conversations (with friends or with God), getting my steps in, AND having that summer feeling? Sign me up!

Question: As an ‘adult,’ how do you still get that summer feeling?



Summer goal: enjoy as many of these nights as possible! ❤


*selfie (dated 6/3/1998) was taken with the Huji app. SO much fun. It’s a disposable camera app on your phone. Lol. Ultimate hipster app.


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