29 Reasons Why I Love You

Camp Elliott Barker

Lately, I’ve just been really down on myself. It’s just been one of those seasons where I cannot seem to be positive about me, and only about others. This season has gone on longer than healthy… so God and I have been chatting about how He made me; and He created me in His image… and how precious that is. So, even though it’s super cheesy, I have been writing down things (little and big) that I like about myself. I encourage you to do the same.

1. Your laugh, that when genuine, turns into a snort.

2. I love that you never come to a house empty handed.

3. Your love for literature- how you can devour books in hours.

4. How humble you are when people brag how fast they read a book- when you read it hours faster. 😉 (Is it humble if I’m bragging about it now?)

5. That you always use your traffic indicator/ turn signal.

6. Your addiction to good coffee… because the smell of coffee reminds you of Dad.

7. How you know your life’s goal is to grow closer to the Lord, when it seems the rest of the world is telling your goal should be marriage.

8. The need to always have fresh flowers- and to, randomly, give them to others because you buy too many for your home/ office.

9. How you don’t know the words to any songs, even your favorites… except 90’s boy band hits.

10. I love that you feel at home in a tent or in a mega-mansion- but never in a crowd.

11. Your ability to be calm in crisis, which you know is the Spirit in you, because your tendency is to freak the freak out.

12. That you KNOW processed sugar is the devil, but still love sweets for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. ❤ Followed by dessert, of course.

13. I love that you love Lord of the Rings, because it resonates so deeply with your soul. Like so much.

14. How you’re learning that being you is ok. You’re not really that care-free, spontaneous, or thrifty… and that’s ok. The world also needs Type-A, J-Crew loving, over-thinkers (who are also up for the occasional spontaneity, but like, let’s plan it).

15. I love that you are always ready with a laugh or a cry for your friends. There’s been a lot of learning about vulnerability this past year.

16. Your ability to make people feel like you’re best friends- aka have deep conversations with people. (This will be awkward when you actually have to pick best friends…)

17. That you call your parents regularly, even when you would rather not.

18. How you like that you bruise easily- you’ve taken a medical urgh, and turned it into a way to share adventures (or just clumsiness).

19. That you’re a firm believer in the #treatyoself life.

20. I love your obsession with Survivor. 18 years strong!

21. Your lips and your freckles!

22. That your body hair requires minimal maintenance!

23. How you’ve grown as a listener. To take more pauses for other people to talk- and to continue what they want to say. Is this frustrating sometimes because then you feel like people are talking over you and never ask you questions? Yes. Is this important because maybe no one else allows them a space to talk. Absolutely.

24. How you’re learning to follow-through; and let your yes be a firm yes.

25. I love that age doesn’t define you- you are neither too young nor too old for anything. Somedays you feel 17 and others 77.

26. That your favorite day includes reading or writing in a coffee shop with headphones in, but not listening to music and just listening to everyone’s conversations around you.

27. When you go out with a friend, the need to pay for their drink/ lunch/ dinner/ whatever; because you think you’re showing them how much you value their time and  company by doing so.

28. How you cry thinking about what Jesus has done in your life, in the lives of loved ones, and how He has promised you so much!

29. I love that you listened to God to write down things to recognize aspects HE created in you that makes you YOU! It’s been a refreshing and sweet way to build you up in Him. To remind you that He loves you; and you should stop comparing yourself to others.

I’m a believer in gratitude journaling, but usually I write down external things I’m thankful for. These past few days I’ve been focusing on the things God has internally given me. It’s so easy to see the beauty in others, but it’s also so important to make it a habit to see the good you possess and bring to this world too!




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