148 Days Strong(ish)


(find 33 Days Strong: here)

We are 148 days into 2018. So far I’ve downsized my closet by a whole clothing rack. So I’m living from 1 closet and 1 SPARSE rack! #killingit

I’ve definitely shopped- I put a lot of stuff in my online carts (looking at you 40% off JCrew), and then I think to myself… Hey girl, you probably have several items VERY similar to this. You really don’t need another white shirt. Last year around this time, I probably, on average, bought 4 new items a month. This year I have bought 3 items TOTAL! I purchased a new bathing suit, a pack of white men’s V neck undershirts (here’s an inexpensive ethical white tee), and a fuzzy Cat & Jack XL boy’s pullover from Target (it was a weakness purchase, that I do not regret). Perks of being short- wearing children’s clothing!

Anyway, just wanted to keep an update and remind myself why I’m doing this. I want to live a more minimal life. I want my clothes to not define me. I want to look nice, but wear more of a uniform/ what I own instead of constantly trying to keep up with what’s current. I want to know that who I bought my clothes from are paying fair wages; and providing good working conditions. It’s a reminder that clothes cannot fill anything in my soul. It’s not impossible. You can do it!


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