Why Do People Put Others In A Box?


Mid-May I spent a long weekend camping. I love camping. I enjoy sleeping in tents, or outside in my hammock. I think some of the best breakfasts and talks  I’ve ever had were made over the campfire. Most days I dread waking up, but for some reason while camping waking up early is so refreshing. All in all, camping is the best.

When I came home from the camping trip; friends/ acquaintances/ coworkers asked how my weekend was, and I said, “GREAT! I went camping.” Their responses are, generally, shocked. They ask so many questions, almost to make me PROVE that I like camping/ hiking. Are they appalled that I like the outdoors? Does my interest in building fires without matches/ lighters confuse them? Have they not listened when I say Survivor is my all-time favorite show? Or is it because I, also, love spa days and clothes?


Are we not allowed to have more than one interest? This is so frustrating. Why are we pigeonholing ourselves and others?

We are allowed to be paradoxes. I am allowed to be addicted to my phone, but at the same time recognize the value of detoxing for several days. You are so welcome to love eating healthy, but splurging on pizza and beer once in a while. We are allowed to love 7- course sustainable- local dinners,  AND also crave a Big Mac meal.

Maybe I don’t talk about the camping/ hiking because I don’t have a lot of friends who enjoy it. Just like I don’t talk about my monthly McDonalds (or more than once a month) meals, because those in my circle aren’t into that. I’m not trying to convert you to my interests, but please, don’t put me in a box.


don’t put me in a box


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