The First…


The firsts of life can be fun, beautiful, create feelings of jealousy mixed with pride, but my latest first has been devastating.

The first… the first unprepared death of mentor, a mother figure, a beloved friend’s mom. I didn’t know she would be the first mom to leave us, but looking back it makes sense. She always did prepare us girls for life through her and her beautiful daughter, Emily.

Emily is the best of friends. She is the kind of friend where weeks, months can pass without speaking, but instantaneous reconnection happens as soon as that first text is sent to meet up. Em is the Samwise Gamgee of the group- the everlasting, evergiving, everloving, ever-sacrificing friend. She was one of the first friends to get married. One of the first to have a baby. She’s the one we turn to with life questions. How do we support a friend going through a difficult time? What temperature do  you roast a chicken at? Will Brangelina get back together? Is this coat a good investment or a waste of money? Do you think God hears me when I cry? We turn to her because she can turn to her Mom and ask for her wisdom.

The death of Momma T is celebrated because I KNOW she is with Jesus. I KNOW she is in His presence- more full of joy than I can ever even imagine. Singing. Dancing. Laughing.

I know this, yet grief has taken over. If I am in mourning, how much deeper must the pain be for Emily and her family? What do you do to help the one you always turn to?

Selfishly, I think about the inevitable day my own best friend, and much needed Mom leaves me. How appreciative I will be that Emily can, once again, guide me through it, point me to Christ, and cry with me. And she will, because she is so her mom. She is so full of love, wisdom, encouragement, laughter, and a heart that empathizes deeply. Emily also received the gift of delivering harsh truth with a tender, firm tone- just like her mom. So thankful for this mom who prepared her daughter to be a woman of the Lord. The benefits I’ve received from this are endless.

That’s so like Momma T, to prepare us all for life.




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