What’s Your Dream Job?


I really like my job— I, however, do not like my director’s communication style (or lack of). Each time I ask for clarification, the message becomes more muddled. It’s to the point that after every conversation I send an email recapping the convo and what I believe my duties are for the project. AND HER EXPECTATIONS STILL CHANGE CONSTANTLY AND ARE NEVER EXPRESSED. She’ll say one thing in a meeting (which we have 875,785,321,000 of), change her mind, say she never said statement/goal A (even though they’re in the minutes), harp on statement/goal B, say statement/goal C to someone else (that you overhear, so now you think expectations are changed), and then throw you under the bus because you accomplished  goals B & C, but really she wanted A. Then schedule another meeting to talk about why you didn’t do A!

There are several other people in the office who have an issue with my director. In fact, to my estimation, everyone does except our CEO. When issues get brought up, our CEO continuously takes my director’s side. I’m sorry, if your turnover rate seems to be like two out of four people every year… I would start looking at the management and not berate millenials for their lack of professionalism (several of the employees who quit were millennials, a lot were not).

The disdain toward her is so severe that everyone talks about it. ALLLL THE TIME. SO MUCH COMPLAINING. I can’t take complaining without action. So I’ve tried to be active in doing my job well, and minimizing any miscommunication. It still sucks though.

Because I’ve expressed this frustration with a few friends, they’ve asked me to reevaluate my job. Loving your job isn’t enough. Loving your job is not enough.

Questions I’ve asked:

Question #1: Do I think the workplace drama will ever change? Answer no. I’m actually afraid to go to our HR person about it for fear that word will get out (because it has before) and more drama will be created. For example if I went to HR to ask for a Standard Operating Procedures manual for my department (so the rules are written down somewhere are can’t be changed for each person), I’m nervous our HR person would go to my director and say that I, personally, said this instead of it being anonymous. Then my director would be upset that I went “over her head” instead of coming to her (EVEN THOUGH IT HAS BEEN SUGGESTED A MILLION TIMES IN TEAM MEETINGS). The director will then go to the CEO to complain about how out of line it was for me to go to HR (WHAT?!!!!). Our CEO, ultimately would end up in my office asking why I went to HR, and inquiring about ALL the other drama I must be bringing to the team. And how the drama is being creating by millennials in the office, and our issues with authority. Not worth it. I don’t think the drama will go away unless the people go away.

Question #2: Can you talk to your National Organization? Answer yes. I’ve actually been informed that a few years ago National tried to get involved to do an overhaul of my chapter, but our CEO intervened and was able to convince National that she could stabilize the situations. I definitely can email the National Organization to inform them of the favoritism, lack of clear standards, ever changing communication, and internal drama going on.

Question #3: If you leave, what’s next? What is your dream job? I have no idea! I don’t have a dream job. I think that’s why I’ve been just ok (if that) at any job I’ve done. My heart isn’t in it. I like people. I like helping others, but I suck at the minute details of organizing, planning, and desk job tasks. I need my job to have different aspects so I don’t get bored or sucked into daydreaming. I would like my job to have set schedule so my evenings and weekends are not constantly being bombarded with work events. I think the most difficult part of people asking me this questions is I’ve realized I don’t have a dream.

I don’t have a dream. That sounds so depressing. My journey this year is to find my dream. I think as soon as I recognize what I want to do, I can take the steps to get there.

Now the question is… how do you find your passion/ dream?


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