33 Days Strong


I’m not a big believer in New Year’s resolutions. I just feel like resolutions are so rigid and almost legalistic. They don’t get to the heart of the issue really (unless yours does.. then that’s awesome!). Like what’s the point of setting a resolution to not eat sugar for the year? That’s ridiculous sounding! Unless it’s because you want to live healthier (but then that should be your goal). Or you would like to grow your willpower/ resistance…. like I could maybe get behind that.

I’m one of those weirdos that set intentions for the year… and with that said… my intention this year is to live a year with less focus on materialism. I could just say I’m not buying any new clothes (because really, my closet has grown so much and has moved to the living room)… but it’s so much more than that to me. It’s about being able to go to my favorite stores, and recognize that new clothes won’t fulfill anything. They might bring me joy, but no more joy than a sweet walk in the Bosque with a friend.

If I was dogmatic, I wouldn’t allow myself any new, unnecessary item, but that’s just rules. I want legit change of desire. I’ve recently been at Anthro with a fitting room full of clothes that I wanted sooooo much, and then just left (I put everything back), because I couldn’t justify spending THAT much money on clothes. Literally, only to leave the store, go to Target, and put a bunch of clothes in my cart…. WHAT THE WHAT? I was walking through the store arguing with myself (anyone else do this?).

“You don’t need these.” “It’s so much cheaper than Anthro…” “Buy it.” “Don’t buy it.” “Don’t buy it.” “You need dog food.” “This sweater is sooooo perfect.” “You’re saving money here.” “You said you wouldn’t buy new clothes…” “No I said I would try to live a less materialistic life… and wouldn’t dispose of as much stuff.” “Ugh, just buy it all or don’t buy anything.” “Why do you need new clothes?” “I don’t.” “Do you have something like this that serves the same purpose?” “Yes, I have several items that are similar to this.” “Answer made.”

Honestly, fighting with yourself is exhausting. But I’m so happy to say I’m 33 days in 2018, and have not bought any new clothes!

Also there is a difference between intention and resolutions (I just haven’t described it well), but there also isn’t reallllly. So if you’ve made one or the other, and it’s helping you become happier and/or healthier: YOU CAN DO IT! YOU’VE GOT THIS! Don’t be a slave to it, allow yourself some grace, and here’s to a great 2018!


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