An American in Paris


I’ve been on a real love story kick lately. I’ve also been on a live-show kick. Thankfully these two pair together beautifully when you have friends that also love live theater, and several great venues in town to go to that have so many genres to chose from.

My dearest, sweetest Alderkater invited me to see “An American in Paris,” last week. (Alderkater is a name I stole when Jon and Kate Plus 8 was a thing. One of the 8 couldn’t say alligator and said alderkater. My Alderkater’s name is Kate. It fit. Nicknames are weird.)

I wasn’t in love, love with the story, or the chemistry of the performers, but the show did not disappoint! Beautiful dancing. Gorgeous singing. I left feeling as if I could do both. Guess what, I cannot.


I love girls nights out/ date nights that aren’t the usual- and this one was so much fun. I definitely encourage you to check out your local theater company/ see a traveling Broadway show near you.

Also dressing up for anything is my favorite. I wish I could just have a personal photographer whenever I’m feeling my outfit. I was definitely feeling it last week, and just felt so weird asking people to take them. So I didn’t. I regret it. lol. No all I have from that night are a few selfies. 😦

*it says “another tulle skirt,” because I own 3 tulle skirts and I wore all of them last week. I’m a 4-year-old in a 28-year-old’s body. Sorry, not sorry. *



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