Leslie Knope Knows What’s Up





When in doubt, waffle it out. Celebration time? Waffle time. Need a good food to eat with friends? Waffles. Need a good food to eat solo?  Waffles.

Last weekend I had waffles (from Tia B’s La Waffleria) with my sweet friend, Michel. (my current go to here: Walnut with bananas and lavender whipped cream and a honey latte umm yes please.) Not only was breakfast great, but the company was so amazing as well. We caught up on life, dreams, and plans for the future…

I feel like I’m in a transition of friendships in life- this happens in your twenties I’m told. Who do I want to invest time into, and need to invest into me? Do I have anything in common with this person anymore? Am I holding onto something that just needs to end? Nothing dramatic needs to happen, but sometimes friendships fade away. It’s ok. I keep telling myself, it’s ok. No one hates you, you don’t hate anyone… sometimes friendships just can’t last forever. BUT….

Michel is a keeper for sure. She’s the friend I can just vegetate with and watch movies, or the friend who will try new things and is always up for an adventure. She’s so full of acceptance, love, and wisdom. Also… her couch is so comfortable. Boom friendship.

Exciting news: Michel is pregnant right now! And it’s a boy! Another little boy in my life. ❤ I cannot wait for him to arrive (actually I can, little boy, don’t you dare come into this world until February)! Michel and her husband, Mitch, are going to be amazing parents. There are, probably, the coolest couple I’ve ever met. Like all the hipster, without being hipster at all.

Another amazing part of my friendship with Michel is she just gets my obsession with celebrities. Not like an unhealthy stalker obsession where I think I know them, but an obsession that I feel like IF I knew them, we’d be friends (or not friends…). She let’s me live in a fantasy world sometimes, and joins in on it. Ugh, thank you Lord for this. These types of friends are far and few between.

Anyway this is basically just a post about how great waffles are, and that Leslie Knope was so right about breakfast foods and the importance of female friendships.



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