busy weeks

These past few weeks have been so full of networking and people (which I am so grateful for!).

They’ve been wonderful and overwhelming; wonderful because of all the people and opportunities these events bring (from intimate dinner parties with the New Mexico Energy Forum to larger non-profit networking events with Albuquerque mayoral candidates and planning large events)… overwhelming because of… all the people. People drain me (but like, in the best of ways). Making small talk constantly drains me. New situations terrify me.

Humble Impact.jpg

When my new people meter gets tapped out I am SO unproductive. I feel terrible at work, when I’m suppose to be working, but I just can’t give 100%. I know it sounds lazy and like an excuse, and maybe to some extent it is, but when it’s go, go, go 5 days a week, I need a stay, stay, stay day. THANKFULLY, I was at lunch the other day and realized that a stay day at a coffee shop or at home was needed, called my supervisor to make sure it was ok. She was more than encouraging to take a mental health afternoon; and made me feel 0% guilty about not returning to work. ❤

It’s so important to make sure you’re giving 100% (something I’ve been guilty of not doing), but to do so you have to take a stand to make sure you’re ok. So sometimes giving most of your energy most of the time to one thing means giving 0% some of the time, in order to get yourself on track.

(in fact, now that I type this, I remember that our CEO came into my office a few times last week and said that I didn’t seem 100%, and I should leave early, or take a coffee break, or just walk around the office until I could focus, and at the time I was a little perturbed that she didn’t think I was doing a “good enough” job, but now I’m just thankful that she even recognized exhaustion and encouraged taking a break.)


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