Am I Creative?

short answer yes. i am made in the image of a CREATOR, we are called to create as well- or to re-create.

“Creativity is the human impulse to take what God has made, shape it, and make it new. “ -Mike Cosper


I guess I struggle with this because I’m not good at drawing, painting, dancing, singing, ect… so what kind of creative am I?

“What has often been said of theology is true of creativity too: It’s not a question of whether a Christian or a church will have creativity; it’s what kind of creativity they’ll have.” -Mike Cosper


I picked up Gail McMeekin’s book “The 12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women,” the other day and there are SO MANY great journaling prompts in it. I hope to use it to rediscover my zeal for ‘creativity,’ and to find out how the creative process can be used to obtain goals, live a life more full of joy, and break up the mundane that life can sometimes be.

McMeekin starts off week one by instructing you to ‘acknowledge your creative self.’ Our creative self is in us, alive, and waiting to emerge; buried underneath rejection, mistakes, and suffering. There are like seven writing prompts in chapter one (you know, for the 7 days in a week)… all of which have to do with your history- creativity as a child, your creative heritage/ lineage, and what you think your gifts are. I won’t write them all here (buy the book).

Definitely will not be journaling everything here, but keep checking back to see if I have any creativity revolutions! *(praying I discover I’m secretly a painting prodigy, or something like that…) 😉


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