from the bathroom to the office (and the whole stretch of I25 in between), having flowers around makes me happy.

each time I go to Trader Joes, I walk out with some groceries, fresh cut flowers, and usually something sweet and unnecessary. 😉 i never regret the something sweet, and I never, ever regret the fresh flowers! the best part is I always overestimate how many I need, so that means either two vases for me, or one for me & and one for my office mate, friend, or coworker! last week I had a selfish #treatyoself day where I did one vase for me, and one vase for the home. ❤

I’m a firm believer in the #treatyoself movement (I probably do it too much, but hey, whatever). there’s “self-care,” and then there’s the line when it’s indulgence. CROSS THAT LINE EVERY ONCE IN A WHILE! Last Monday I had an “every once in a while…” it was a spa afternoon (I’m a member at a local spa… day passes for all!), a trip to the container store, two books from Barnes & Noble, FLOWERS, & then fig & prosciutto salad dinner with chocolate crepes for dessert. you can hate me.

but then the week was meetings all day kind of week peanuts for lunch & dinner (if that), and no time to read/ write/ Netflix. so yeah, I’m a firm believer in #treatyoself.

See you soon spa, but for now… I’ll just respond to emails and stare at the pretty flowers on my desk.


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