the power of poetry

Earlier in September I, very randomly, went to a book signing at a local bookshop. The book turned out to be a book a poetry, the author a young lady around my age. She wrote poems to the women in her life… some who she knew well, others only for a brief moment. Each of these women were significant to her, and she wanted to speak to their abilities & gifts that she witnessed.


What a beautiful sentiment. To acknowledge the qualities we see in others, oftentimes these are intimate sentiments those individuals don’t even know about. Because of this event, I decided to write emails to a few girlfriends, ‘witnessing’ to them.

You are the glue that binds truth and spontaneity in my life.
without your encouraging spirit beside me, I would be turning in circles in my journey with Christ.
Your voice can bring me to tears and lift me up in the same breath.
Thank you for being a little crazy and making me a better person.
you are the Sam- Wise to my Frodo (and sometimes the Merry to my Pippen).
you speak truth with gentleness and empathy into my life.
no one can listen the way you do with your ears and your heart.
you are my kindred spirit, walking with me, and always pointing me to Christ.
Thank you for being a little crazy and making me a better person.
My honey-boo-boo, you are the purveyor of honesty missing in my life.
Your need to dream is inspiring, even more so your ability to put dreams to reality.
The future is brighter because of you, knowing our paths will cross again.
You are the motivator to the extreme, and your wandering spirit is much missed.
Thank you for being a little crazy and making me a better person.
Those are just a few of the emails I sent out. Literally that’s all that was on them. The response I received back from these women was incredible. Phone calls/ texts/ emails back came in right after I sent them. Words of encouragement are powerful. Lifting one another up is powerful. Even letting people know you’re thinking about them when they’re not right in front of you is powerful. Poetry is powerful.
I challenge you to write to a few friends, just write down the uniqueness of their friendship (I know, irony, I used the same last line for alllll the poems. BUT REALLY, each of my friend’s “crazy” is important to me, and they all make me a better person). Let people know they are loved!

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