We Are ABQ

IMG_2027Have I ever mentioned how much I love my city? Albuquerque, sometimes (a lot of the time…), is portrayed in such a negative light. Although, I know that the crime is real and obviously stats on education &/ poverty don’t lie, I truly believe in the good of our city, and the possibility for the future! For the narrative of the city to change we need to encourage people to come here, stay here, and invoke positive change here. I’m so glad that others in the city have the same vision. Last weekend I volunteered with SOMOS ABQ. This event hopes to “illuminate everything good” Albuquerque has to offer. Ummm, yes please.

From the eclectic art to the diverse music, and from the yummy food to the friendly people- it was all so good and SO New Mexico. Definitely would recommend to ALL for next year!





17 reasons ‘concerning hobbits’


obviously if I was a Middle Earth character, I’d be a hobbit. (also FYI, I am obsessed with Tolkien…) Here’s some of my reasoning on resonating with hobbits:

  1. I’m short. That automatically puts me in the category of dwarves/ halflings.
  2. Bare-feet is the way to go!
  3. 1st breakfast
  4. I’ll probably be an adult by the time I’m 30, right?
  5. I love getting & giving presents!
  6. 2nd breakfast
  7. elevensies
  8. Give me all the quiet time please!
  9. luncheon
  11. afternoon tea
  12. Hobbits appreciate life, and relationships.
  13. dinner
  14. They love to laugh!
  15. supper
  16. The Shire ❤
  17. For the most part, I like predictability in a day, but if a wizard showed up at my door, I’m in for the adventure!

* yes, I have a hobbit cloak…. and yes, I wore it out last Friday for Hobbit Day, where I celebrated with a pint of beer!

She Reads Truth | Colossians

What are you reading right now? Currently on my  nightstand is Crazy Rich Asians. In my car (you know, just in case I get to a meeting early, or have to wait somewhere for a long-ish time): Big Little Lies (if Reese Witherspoon read it, I will too). At my gym locker (because my gym is a spa…and I have a problem): The Program (gotta love that YA fiction). I’m loving each one of these book so far, they do bring joy and such an escape, but none are spirit-filling, or growing me as a believer. For that, the book I’m going through is Colossians.


I’m using She Reads Truth as a guide- it’s great (so great that this is the 2nd time I’m going through Colossians with them). It’s helping me to keep on track on where I am, what other verses correlate with where I’m reading, and to get other people’s encouragement/ insights on the verses.

So far I’m only on Day 6 in Colossians, and am in awe of Christ. He is so good. God created us, and all of the seen and unseen (WHAT IS THE UNSEEN?).

Another truth it reveals: we are made for him. Sometimes in life I feel as if I have no purpose, and reading the words that I was “from Him, and we exist for Him.” (1 Corinthians 8:6ish) reminds me not to believe in those lies. I have a reason for existence.

Also, Colossians reminds me how to pray for others. I should ask the Lord that my sisters/ brother would grow in the His knowledge & wisdom, bearing fruit, being strengthened by God (with endurance and patience), thanking God for Truth and forgiveness.

“And so, from the day we heard, we have not ceased to pray for you, asking that you may be filled with the knowledge of his will in all spiritual wisdom and understanding, o as to walk in a manner worthy of the Lord, fully pleasing to him: bearing fruit in every good work and increasing in the knowledge of God; being strengthened with all power, according to his glorious might, for all endurance and patience with joy; giving thanks to the Father, who has qualified you to share in the inheritance of the saints in light. He has delivered us from the domain of darkness and transferred us to the kingdom of his beloved Son, in whom we have redemption, the forgiveness of sins.”- Colossians 1:9-14

Colossians is such a sweet reminder of how much Christ loves us, the church. And, to me, served as a conviction- that when a brother/ sister tells you they’re hurting (or you see it) we are suppose to pray without ceasing! I, usually, just say a quick prayer asking God to cover that individual with peace and strength, but Paul reminds us that we need to continue that prayer every day until God has answered.

Thanks for letting me ramble, cant wait to dig deeper into this book. ❤

Am I Creative?

short answer yes. i am made in the image of a CREATOR, we are called to create as well- or to re-create.

“Creativity is the human impulse to take what God has made, shape it, and make it new. “ -Mike Cosper


I guess I struggle with this because I’m not good at drawing, painting, dancing, singing, ect… so what kind of creative am I?

“What has often been said of theology is true of creativity too: It’s not a question of whether a Christian or a church will have creativity; it’s what kind of creativity they’ll have.” -Mike Cosper


I picked up Gail McMeekin’s book “The 12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women,” the other day and there are SO MANY great journaling prompts in it. I hope to use it to rediscover my zeal for ‘creativity,’ and to find out how the creative process can be used to obtain goals, live a life more full of joy, and break up the mundane that life can sometimes be.

McMeekin starts off week one by instructing you to ‘acknowledge your creative self.’ Our creative self is in us, alive, and waiting to emerge; buried underneath rejection, mistakes, and suffering. There are like seven writing prompts in chapter one (you know, for the 7 days in a week)… all of which have to do with your history- creativity as a child, your creative heritage/ lineage, and what you think your gifts are. I won’t write them all here (buy the book).

Definitely will not be journaling everything here, but keep checking back to see if I have any creativity revolutions! *(praying I discover I’m secretly a painting prodigy, or something like that…) 😉


from the bathroom to the office (and the whole stretch of I25 in between), having flowers around makes me happy.

each time I go to Trader Joes, I walk out with some groceries, fresh cut flowers, and usually something sweet and unnecessary. 😉 i never regret the something sweet, and I never, ever regret the fresh flowers! the best part is I always overestimate how many I need, so that means either two vases for me, or one for me & and one for my office mate, friend, or coworker! last week I had a selfish #treatyoself day where I did one vase for me, and one vase for the home. ❤

I’m a firm believer in the #treatyoself movement (I probably do it too much, but hey, whatever). there’s “self-care,” and then there’s the line when it’s indulgence. CROSS THAT LINE EVERY ONCE IN A WHILE! Last Monday I had an “every once in a while…” it was a spa afternoon (I’m a member at a local spa… day passes for all!), a trip to the container store, two books from Barnes & Noble, FLOWERS, & then fig & prosciutto salad dinner with chocolate crepes for dessert. you can hate me.

but then the week was meetings all day kind of week peanuts for lunch & dinner (if that), and no time to read/ write/ Netflix. so yeah, I’m a firm believer in #treatyoself.

See you soon spa, but for now… I’ll just respond to emails and stare at the pretty flowers on my desk.

the power of poetry

Earlier in September I, very randomly, went to a book signing at a local bookshop. The book turned out to be a book a poetry, the author a young lady around my age. She wrote poems to the women in her life… some who she knew well, others only for a brief moment. Each of these women were significant to her, and she wanted to speak to their abilities & gifts that she witnessed.


What a beautiful sentiment. To acknowledge the qualities we see in others, oftentimes these are intimate sentiments those individuals don’t even know about. Because of this event, I decided to write emails to a few girlfriends, ‘witnessing’ to them.

You are the glue that binds truth and spontaneity in my life.
without your encouraging spirit beside me, I would be turning in circles in my journey with Christ.
Your voice can bring me to tears and lift me up in the same breath.
Thank you for being a little crazy and making me a better person.
you are the Sam- Wise to my Frodo (and sometimes the Merry to my Pippen).
you speak truth with gentleness and empathy into my life.
no one can listen the way you do with your ears and your heart.
you are my kindred spirit, walking with me, and always pointing me to Christ.
Thank you for being a little crazy and making me a better person.
My honey-boo-boo, you are the purveyor of honesty missing in my life.
Your need to dream is inspiring, even more so your ability to put dreams to reality.
The future is brighter because of you, knowing our paths will cross again.
You are the motivator to the extreme, and your wandering spirit is much missed.
Thank you for being a little crazy and making me a better person.
Those are just a few of the emails I sent out. Literally that’s all that was on them. The response I received back from these women was incredible. Phone calls/ texts/ emails back came in right after I sent them. Words of encouragement are powerful. Lifting one another up is powerful. Even letting people know you’re thinking about them when they’re not right in front of you is powerful. Poetry is powerful.
I challenge you to write to a few friends, just write down the uniqueness of their friendship (I know, irony, I used the same last line for alllll the poems. BUT REALLY, each of my friend’s “crazy” is important to me, and they all make me a better person). Let people know they are loved!

pajama party | bachelorette edition


we love themed parties. any reason to turn a party into a themed one should be pounced on.

sophia’s bachelorette party turned into a comfy pj party- complete with themed snacks and a photo board!

Gayle & team did an amazing job putting this party on, & it was a beautiful time of celebrating sophia (& her fiance).

Also, please enjoy this photo progression of our sister pics, where Gayle suddenly becomes amazed with my gold sparkle toe polish.