Welcome Little One

baby beck truett gozur,

you made your way into this world in a strong manner. you did not want out. who could blame you? this world is scary, but oh so sweet… and much sweeter now that you’re here.

you’re a pretty big baby. over 9 lbs at birth… closer to 10 lbs! but no matter how big you get, and i’m guessing you’re going to be taller than me pretty soon, please know that i will ALWAYS be here/there for you. no matter how far you’re parents take you, and where the Lord leads you… i am supporting you, loving you, praying for you, and will always do so.

being an aunt is my favorite roll yet. you’ve got a pretty amazing cousin who i’ve already corrupted. 😉 i can’t wait for you to meet him, and for him to meet you.

i pray everyday for each of you. that you grow up to know and love the Lord. that you are kind. that you are strong and healthy. that you are motivated to help others and succeed in life. i asked God that you never live a life a part from Him, and that you bravely follow Him and lead others to Christ.

i pray for the world to be a better place. that you grow up in a world that isn’t fighting constantly. that the environment you live in is void of hate. & since i know that isn’t happening until Christ’s return, i pray that you live a life of love, and all around you are as well. i pray that your life is full of laughter (with your parents… this is 100% happening), full of playing outside, and full of adventure. i know it will be a good, sweet, life beck. a good sweet life.

welcome to the world little one.


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