dear alien parasite baby,


You’re a boy!

Your momma is the cutest, tallest pregnant woman. I’m so thankful you’re no longer making her super sick. She’s so excited for you to come out into this world! We all are.

We’re a little nervous how Taj the cat is going to react to you. He’s kind of crazy. I hope you love him.

I pray for you daily. I ask God to watch over you, to continue to bless you with health (and your family too). I talk to Jesus about my fears- this world is crazy kid. I’m nervous what kind of world you’ll grow up in. He calms me by reminding me how loved you are. You parents are awesome people. Your grandparents and aunt got your back too.

My prayer includes attributes I hope you have- I hope I can help instill. That you are kind. That you include others and stand up for those who need it. For you to have a healthy fear of the Lord, and serve Him. Hard-working is another quality I hope you have. That you don’t give up, and are constantly motivated. However I can help in this, let me know.

I love you, baby boy, regardless of whatever crazy name your parents come up with.


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