International Women’s Day Dinner

candlesI love themed parties.

I love planning & hosting.

I also love celebrating friends.

There are so many thoughts on celebrating International Women’s Day. I truly feel like I have so many privileges & opportunities, that because of this, it is my duty (wrong word?) to stand up for those who don’t have these rights. I stand with people who want to dress with less, & those who want to fully cover up. For women who want to work & be paid for their education & experience, & for women who want to stay home & raise children (or not raise kids). I think feminism is for those pro-and against abortion. For men & for women. It’s about equality.

For me, hosting a dinner on International Women’s Day was a no brainer. I have been looking for a reason to get a group of girlfriends together & have a sit-down dinner. What better day than this?

My friends are kind. These are the women who will invite you to sit next to them when you don’t know anyone. My friends are brave. These girls are survivors (of cancer, sexual assault, negative stereotypes, depression, ect). My friends are strong AF (from playing collegiate sports to just kicking butt in life). My friends are generous. They’re the ones I can call when I need a space to host a party, a ride to the airport, or even a few dollars for gas. They’re my inspiration, encouragement, & wisdom givers everyday. Regardless of their religious belief, each one points me to Jesus. I’m so thankful for these women.

Friendships where women help build each other up are so important.

I wish I could have invited a million more women to dinner last night, but one thing about dinner parties is you want to keep them relatively small to foster intimate conversations.

Don’t worry though, there will be another one & if you want you’re definitely invited to it!

blur grou

The menu from last night:

Onion Tart

Antipasti Pizza

Tarragon Roasted Beet & Endive Salad

Orecchiette with Sausage, Chard, & Parsnips

Mango Napoleons w/ Cream

Honey- Poached Pears w/ Brandied Mascarpone


dear alien parasite baby,


You’re a boy!

Your momma is the cutest, tallest pregnant woman. I’m so thankful you’re no longer making her super sick. She’s so excited for you to come out into this world! We all are.

We’re a little nervous how Taj the cat is going to react to you. He’s kind of crazy. I hope you love him.

I pray for you daily. I ask God to watch over you, to continue to bless you with health (and your family too). I talk to Jesus about my fears- this world is crazy kid. I’m nervous what kind of world you’ll grow up in. He calms me by reminding me how loved you are. You parents are awesome people. Your grandparents and aunt got your back too.

My prayer includes attributes I hope you have- I hope I can help instill. That you are kind. That you include others and stand up for those who need it. For you to have a healthy fear of the Lord, and serve Him. Hard-working is another quality I hope you have. That you don’t give up, and are constantly motivated. However I can help in this, let me know.

I love you, baby boy, regardless of whatever crazy name your parents come up with.

there’s something therapeutic about the ocean

I’ve lived in three beach towns. I know, how lucky am I?

My favorite time to be at the beach (alone) is when it’s a little gloomy out, with some coffee. It’s just like so… perfect. There aren’t a lot of people there, it’s peaceful, and seemingly calm.  It brings me to a contemplative place. I do my best thinking here. I cry here. I pray here. I write here. I dream here. (yes I am that weird girl sitting by the beach on a cloudy day with her journal, crying. I’m ok with that.)

On this particular day, I just asked God to comfort me- to remind me of my purpose. That my relationships are not solely MY relationships, and are to be used for His glory.

I think cloudy days are essential in life. They’re days I can sit still and just feel all my feelings. Happy. Sad. Hurt. Thankful. Cloudy days are few and far between, but important.

You know what kind of days are also important? SUNNY SELFIE DAYS!

These are the days you want your people at the beach. They’re days of laughter, fun, and lots of chasing nephew games. Sunny days are also for heavy thinking, but a different sort. I think about how happy life is. I don’t feel hurt (except for those dang jellyfish!). Sunny days are for making happy memories. Sunny days are important.