Families are weird.

a photo from my search & find trip- everything looks happy doesn’t it.

I think if we were all honest, every family has their secrets. From the outside a family might look extremely put together, but get an insider’s perspective & every family has some -ish going on. Like you’re not going to Instagram your shit. Just the good stuff, right?

From childhood it’s been preached to me to keep family drama ONLY within the family. We just don’t talk about it with others. WHY!? why? WHY!? As soon as I opened up about my family’s struggles I have found SO much solidarity and support from friends. Friends who then feel like they can tell me what hurt they’ve been harboring too. It’s like therapy, but better, because these people love me, and love my family.

A loving mom, a supportive dad, the happiest childhood, college educated, I could go on forever and ever how #blessed I am, and from an outsider’s perspective they would never imagine the pain my family goes through each and every day.

My older sister has not talked to my family in a long time. My parents don’t even like to talk about it, they cry each time they do- but I know they feel like failures. Earlier this year my parent’s were so nervous that she wasn’t ok (and that my precious nephew) wasn’t ok as well, that they sent me to FL to check in. I messaged my sister, what seemed like 100 times, to tell her I was coming. No response. I was expected to fly to FL and just find her.

No pressure.

I went. She’s alive.

The trip went. Was it good? Not especially. Was it life-changing? Nope. My greatest hope for that whole trip was that she knows my family loves her and my nephew. I pray that she knows they’re loved and wanted.

Today let someone know if you’re hurting, also let someone know that they are loved and wanted.




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