464 Days At Work


You know life is something when you straighten your hair and EVERYONE in the office thinks it must be picture day.

So to appease the office, and the hair, Danielle made it picture day in the office (for me). She even made me a cute sign that shares my likes and goals! #daniellesisabombdotcommom

It was also a celebration of over a year at Make-A-Wish! An inside joke of my nickname- it’s not Lucy. MY NAME IS NOT LUCY. Also, I don’t know if my favorite color is blue, but it was the answer I gave when asked (and I was on the phone with a family).

My fave tv show has been, is, and will always be: Survivor. I’m unashamedly a Hufflepuff. I will, and can’t wait to, do The Lord of the Rings tour in New Zealand (who’s down to do this trek with me?).

Also, when I grow up, I want to be the board chair for Make-A-Wish. Having a job here is the best, the very best, best, best. I love what I do. I love my coworkers. But I think if/when I have a family, I want to stay home with them and just volunteer a whole lot. So that’s my goal- board chair. ❤



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