fall is my favorite

When Fall hits New Mexico, I’m convinced there is no other state I’d rather live in.

img_8812I know Fall started in September, but for me it doesn’t truly start until Balloon Fiesta happens!

There is nothing that feels more like Fall than green chile roasting, balloons in the air, and cooler mornings. The days might still get up to 80 degrees, but when you have to start the day with a sweater I know FALL IS HERE!


I don’t get it when New Mexicans, especially those who live in Albuquerque, don’t take advantage of Balloon Fiesta? Thousands of people from all over the WORLD come to enjoy this event- and people who live here don’t go? I just don’t get it. I’ve been every year since 2003! EVERY YEAR IT MAKES ME SMILE. It’s totally worth getting up at 5/5:15/5:30 am; and I hate mornings.

Anyway this post is basically just an exclamation of how much I love Fall, & how very happy I am that it is here!



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