Going Up On A Tuesday (*& Other Nights)

Tonight is Netflix night (& Survivor) at my house. I’m going to curl up in my bed with some hot apple cider with the dog & cat & just veg out. I probably do this once every few weeks, it’s the best. It’s not necessarily the best recharge time, but it’s just lovely. Just lovely & lazy & involves no other people.


These past few weeks have been chalked full of people (those I love, & those I don’t know yet).

Last week I went out to an event where I knew one person. Ugh. The worst. But also, the best. Lately I’ve been trying to challenge myself to get outside my comfort bubble & try new things. Things that might scare me, & test my confidence a little. Guess what? I can do it. I can go out to a new circle of people & talk. I can go to a dance club & just not care (oh let’s be honest, I cared…. but I did it).

Yesterday I went to the Mumford & Sons concert. When I got there a stranger gave me an extra pit pass she had purchased! How sweet. Also how terrifying, this would mean my friends would be up on the lawn, & I would be front row by myself. Did the risk of being a ‘loner’ outweigh the reward of being so close? Yes, yes it did.



I had a great time. You’re at a concert, not a conversation shop. No one cares if you’re with a group of people or by yourself. The music is all the matters at this point. Also, for the last few songs I joined back up with the group (just for pictures & memories sake).

I can do this. Being a little uncomfortable isn’t that bad. Next stop in this uncomfortable journey is eye contact & smiling. (just FYI I have two faces, 1. resting bitch face, 2. smiling really big face. I want an in-between!)


** I love my friends. I am so thankful for them. They get me. They accept me. This post is in no way me complaining about them. It’s just sometimes you need a night of nothing. **


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