Meow Wolf

If you ever have a few hours to be fun & adventurous in Santa Fe- GO TO MEOW WOLF. (Meow Wolf is an art collective based in Santa Fe. Their ‘permanant’ art experience is called “The House of Eternal Return.” It’s an interactive, art experience, and a non-linear story.” (Throughout the ‘house’ you can try to solve a mystery of the family who use to live there!) There’s no wrong way to Meow Wolf.

O—M—G. This place is so weird & weird in the BEST possible way. I kept hearing about how cool it was, & seeing photos from everyone on Facebook/ Instagram just made me jealous. When Michel & I finally went I realized THE PHOTOS DO NOT DO IT JUSTICE. It’s intense.


So many fun rooms/ stories/ things to look at (& touch!). Also, no one judges you for taking 1,000,000 photos (half of those selfies) there. I mean, photos or it didn’t happen. Right?

I’m already planning my next trip(s) out there. Definitely taking my little nephew to it!



fall is my favorite

When Fall hits New Mexico, I’m convinced there is no other state I’d rather live in.

img_8812I know Fall started in September, but for me it doesn’t truly start until Balloon Fiesta happens!

There is nothing that feels more like Fall than green chile roasting, balloons in the air, and cooler mornings. The days might still get up to 80 degrees, but when you have to start the day with a sweater I know FALL IS HERE!


I don’t get it when New Mexicans, especially those who live in Albuquerque, don’t take advantage of Balloon Fiesta? Thousands of people from all over the WORLD come to enjoy this event- and people who live here don’t go? I just don’t get it. I’ve been every year since 2003! EVERY YEAR IT MAKES ME SMILE. It’s totally worth getting up at 5/5:15/5:30 am; and I hate mornings.

Anyway this post is basically just an exclamation of how much I love Fall, & how very happy I am that it is here!


Going Up On A Tuesday (*& Other Nights)

Tonight is Netflix night (& Survivor) at my house. I’m going to curl up in my bed with some hot apple cider with the dog & cat & just veg out. I probably do this once every few weeks, it’s the best. It’s not necessarily the best recharge time, but it’s just lovely. Just lovely & lazy & involves no other people.


These past few weeks have been chalked full of people (those I love, & those I don’t know yet).

Last week I went out to an event where I knew one person. Ugh. The worst. But also, the best. Lately I’ve been trying to challenge myself to get outside my comfort bubble & try new things. Things that might scare me, & test my confidence a little. Guess what? I can do it. I can go out to a new circle of people & talk. I can go to a dance club & just not care (oh let’s be honest, I cared…. but I did it).

Yesterday I went to the Mumford & Sons concert. When I got there a stranger gave me an extra pit pass she had purchased! How sweet. Also how terrifying, this would mean my friends would be up on the lawn, & I would be front row by myself. Did the risk of being a ‘loner’ outweigh the reward of being so close? Yes, yes it did.



I had a great time. You’re at a concert, not a conversation shop. No one cares if you’re with a group of people or by yourself. The music is all the matters at this point. Also, for the last few songs I joined back up with the group (just for pictures & memories sake).

I can do this. Being a little uncomfortable isn’t that bad. Next stop in this uncomfortable journey is eye contact & smiling. (just FYI I have two faces, 1. resting bitch face, 2. smiling really big face. I want an in-between!)


** I love my friends. I am so thankful for them. They get me. They accept me. This post is in no way me complaining about them. It’s just sometimes you need a night of nothing. **