Scaring People Is My Favorite

IMG_7771There are a few perks of being 5’2″. One is that I fit in a lot of cabinets and boxes. That means a lot, when one of my greatest joys is jumping out and surprising people. (*sorry coworkers, friends, family, & acquaintances). The best scares, aren’t scares at all though- they’re surprises!

Surprises are really similar to scares, which is also why I freakin’ love surprises. Late February I flew out to DC to surprise one of my favorite people for her birthday (Lanay). I hid in her kitchen, and when she saw me she just stood there staring. She stared at me. Then her husband (who knew I was coming. I just didn’t break into their house- that’s a total no). Then me. Then her husband. Then me. Finally she just started screaming. LIKE LEGIT SCREAMING. It was great. Her dog was going crazy. I was just laughing. After a few minutes of weird wonderfulness, I went up to her & we hugged forevvvvvvvvvvvver (which just made me feel so absolutely comforted). After calming down, friend-husband and I explained how we planned the whole surprise, & just how difficult this secret was to keep.


Lanay & I spent the next 3 days listening. We went to coffee & talked. The zoo & talked. Dinner & talked. We shopped & talked. Talked & listened about life. Love. Work. Marriage. Jesus. Friends. Reality TV. Hurt. Sex. Loneliness. I mean, we really covered a lot of topics.

Friends can never be replaced- & I needed a good friend weekend. (I think Lanay did too). I didn’t even know I was hurting so much, until Lanay asked me how she could pray for me (why don’t we ask this more often!?) I opened up about my never-ending struggle of self-worth/ beauty. She opened up about struggles of moving away & yearning for a kindred spirit connection in the DC area. We prayed together. We lifted one another up. That’s the body of Christ. That’s true sister-hood-ish right there.

FullSizeRender (1)

On a lighter note- In DC I bought a faux (I think?) shaggy fur free people vest for a steal of a price (& it was a very not planned purchase)- & I’ve been faux-real making faux jokes every time I wear/ look at it. I have yet to wear it to an event/ hang, but when I do I’m going to insta the ish out of that vest.


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