When Life Hands You Poop, Go Get Coffee (or Ice Cream)…

Lately there have been quite a few days of ‘ewww’ and ‘ehhhh’ at work. When these days happen there’s usually a good chance one of the girls in the office runs out to get Starbucks or ice cream for all (by all I mean three people, there are three ladies total in the office after 1:30pm. Three. That’s two more than 1).

And you know what? Ice cream works. Coffee works. I believe in the power of an afternoon office pick-me-up.

It works because 1. It’s delicious & 2. Because we all take a break to talk about the day so far. We talk about what’s bothering us, solutions to those problems, and then just tell each other funny stories. Laughter (along with coffee/ ice cream & good company) really is the best medicine for a bad work day.

Yes, we all have a sticky note full of to-do lists. Yes, we all have a million phone calls to make. Yes, we all have a stack of papers on our desk to sort through.


To be productive, sometimes you have to take a mental health break first. Taking a 5/10/30 minute coffee break can only aide efficiency. My office output is only as good as my mental input. If I put good, positive, happy things into myself, I am yielding much more quality work.

Also, this only works if you have a flexible job to leave in the middle of the afternoon to go get coffee. AND if there’s a Starbucks/ ice cream shop nearby. AND if you have coworkers you like to chat with.

If you don’t have any of those; I’m sorry. I still think there are creative mental health break ideas- like take a few minutes to write a story, watch a funny YouTube video, or play your favorite song while lip-syncing to your bestie through FaceTime/ Snapchat.

Breathe- life sometimes hands you poopy days, but it also gives you ice cream.


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