Balloon Fiesta!

IMG_6838I’m convinced I live in one of the coolest cities ever. (To be fair, you could probably convince me any city is the coolest city ever- I’m all about loving where you are.)

Fall is my favorite time of year in Albuquerque- and it’s definitely NOT because of the weather. (We have a saying in NM that you can get all 4 seasons in one day- and we aren’t joking.)
Fall is when the green chile roasting begins- when the leaves along the Rio Grande change colors, & when the International Balloon Fiesta takes place!


Seeing the blue, blue sky fill up with 500 hot air balloons is incredible. There is nothing you can complain about when you’re eating a delicious breakfast burrito & staring at the gorgeous balloon-filled sky. (You don’t even complain about the 4:30am alarm you had to set…)

This year my friend, Alex, from CA, made the journey to Balloon Fiesta. The event was even more amazing this year, because I got to see it in the eyes of a ‘first-timer.’ It reminded me to stop just going through the motions of life & the fiesta- and to truly stop and be in AWE of how beautiful life is around us. I love being able to see things through the lens of another person!



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