Q & A

“Where have you found evidence of a higher power?”


I love this question because my answer is “my life.” You can’t take that away from me- it’s not science or theory- so you can’t debate it. It’s personal. I feel God in my life each and every day. If you want to fight me on that, then that’s rude and mean. Why would you want to try to break me down, when it brings joy into my life?

You wouldn’t (unless you were a jerkosaurus). I find Jesus in nature, when I just stand and stare in awe of a Creator who is so imaginative! I feel My Father when I’m happy, sad, upset, confused, ecstatic. His Glory fills me. I see God when I meet people who love Him. His generosity and grace abound through others.

My evidence is my personal experience. And I am so thankful for that.