Living in a Wish World

It’s been a whirlwind of a summer: from losing my job to gaining a brother-in-law to getting a new job! Right before Gayle’s wedding I was offered a job, and then a week after her wedding I started it. 🙂 Talk about God’s perfect timing- just enough time to plan and focus on her wedding, and then time to recover and spend with family after.

When people ask me what my dream career would be, I have no answer except that I want to be able to share hope. My prayer has always been that this new job God has for me would be one where I can leave at the end of the day knowing I had helped someone. UGH, sometimes I am so crazy happy about how good to me God is (I know, I should always be, but sometimes it’s just way way way more than others). My new job is program assistant at Make A Wish NM- which means I get to help coordinate wishes! LIKE A GENIE (also FYI my car’s name is genie, so this is just an all around cool thing).

I’m only on day 2 at Make A Wish NM, but I love love love it. My new coworkers are so sweet and encouraging *(then again, it’s day 2). We had cupcakes and Starbucks on my first day as a welcome (they know the way to my heart). I left yesterday and today feeling that (even though I’m only still in training) good was done, hope was received, and encouragement spread. Naive and a little ‘Kimmy Schmidt‘ of me? Maybe. Even if that’s such a sunshine and bullshit way of thinking, I truly believe it. I am still in awe that I am a part of such an outstanding organization.

Things that turned me on to the organization:

So if anything changes about how much I love Make A Wish NM, I will let you know. Until that point though, assume I am enamored with it and that work is going great. ❤


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