A Letter From The Past

On the 5th I opened my email to discover an email from myself. What?! Inception?! I completely forgot that one year ago, I came across futureme.org– a website that allows you to send your future self a little (or long) message. It was such a perfect and much needed reminder of how important it is to take time for yourself, but also that we need people. (*also how crazy is it that Gayle and Patrick just got married and it’s been 1 year since they started dating!?)

Dear FutureMe,

It’s been rough lately. I can’t remember the last time an introvert day was had. I hope this week you’ve had one- just one really long Satellite coffee day with Jesus and a good book or journal. This week is the week of Kourtney’s wedding- it’s the week Gayle started dating Patrick- it’s the week Taylor moves overseas- it’s the week of everything. I’m writing to remind me to love the LORD always- keep HIM as the important thing in life- never lose sight of HIS grace. Share the good news through words and actions even when you haven’t had a good day to recharge.

It’s been easy to get sucked into the lies lately- everyone is getting married- or everyone has a partner, but me. It’s ok. How have I been serving and honoring God through this time in life? I hope in a year I can look back and say I did and I continue to do so. Fingers laced!

Call LANAY! Call ALEX! Text Dudek! Keep in touch with these ladies- they love you and need to be reminded how amazing and important they are.

It was also so perfect because Lanay happened to be in town visiting family, and we were going to have breakfast together that morning. I was able to share the email with her, and we talked through how important it is to NOT believe the lies that I’m alone in life. Alex also called me that day to confirm her trip out here in October. I am so loved, and God is so good to constantly be reminding me of this. After reading this email, I immediately sat down and wrote another one. A year from now, I hope I’m in a different season of life, but regardless of where I am or what I am doing I pray I am serving God and that I know I am loved.


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