Grand Canyon in 36 Hours (ish)

Spontaneity is not my middle name. It is no where near the top fifteen words people would use to describe me (or even 50). BUT when my dear friend Kate invited me to go on a quick trip to the Grand Canyon with her, I jumped at it. We left Friday morning at about 6:30 am, and got back home 7ish pm on Saturday.

IT WAS CRAZY. Kate drove the whole way (manual transmissions and I are not friends, yet). We met up with a few of her close friends from France. The French friends (sweetest people ever) had picked up a Danish guy and a girl from Russia along the way of their USA road-trip. I love that. I love that there is still trust in the world. That adventure seekers are kind-hearted people. That strangers can become instantaneous friends. It’s beautiful; albeit sometimes naive way of thinking. No matter the risk, I still chose to love first.

Anyway here are a few photos from the trip. We hiked for like 6 hours. When you and the rest of your party have each only slept for 3 hours the night before, but still pick hiking and staying up late around the campfire, and then wake up early the next day to do it again: you’ve got a great (slightly insane) crew.

on the way to the Grand Canyon
on the way to the Grand Canyon


always bring a hammock
always bring a hammock

IMG_6145 IMG_6140 IMG_6129

Little Lizard & Alderkater
Little Lizard & Alderkater

IMG_6178 IMG_6176Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon Sunset

Photos just do not do this place justice. They just don’t. It’s gorge-ous. (pun alert!)


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