5 Reasons Snail Mail is My Favorite

FullSizeRender (7)1. Writing a handwritten note takes a little more time, and time is one of my love languages.

2. After only receiving junk mail, or bills through USPS; isn’t it nice to get a letter? It’s like a little bit of Christmas that day.

3. Letters can be reread over and over. They can sit on your desk or hang off your fridge for a quick reminder of how much you are loved. (I guess a text or voicemail can do that too, but IT’S NOT THE SAME.)

4. Emojis are cute, but have you seen some of the stationary from Rifle Paper Co, The Great Lakes Goods, or Little Low? They are adorable and perfect for so many occasions.

5. When I’m having a rough day (or sometimes a great one!) it helps to write about it. And sometimes I think that maybe the person on my mind might have a rough day sometime (or maybe a great one!) and a little note in the mail will brighten their day. I know receiving letters always makes me happier. 🙂

One great thing about having so many far away friends is being able to keep in touch in so many different ways! From FaceTime to Snapchat; technology has greatly improved how we communicate across the globe, but my favorite form of staying in touch is still (and probably always will be) a handwritten letter.



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