Dear Dad,

Happy Father’s Day to you. Even though every day is technically father’s day- you are a dad to me 24/7/365 (or 366 depending on what year it is). I just want to tell you how much I love you! And to thank you for being, truly, the best dad ever.

IMG_5987Thank you for never, ever making me wonder if you loved me or not. A lot of dads are not vocal with how much they love their children, and how proud they are of them. You are. I think this communicative strength of yours instilled my strength that I can do anything (and if I fail- I am still loved).

IMG_4806 IMG_4812

Dad, thanks for spending time with us. From reading us bedtime stories, to playing patty-cake until we’re in our mid-twenties. Thank you for showing us that family is important (and so is fun). A lot of daughters are not as fortunate to have such amazing parents- and I try, try, try to not take this for-granted. Thank you for being a father to my friends. For loving them. I see so many of my girlfriends struggle with image issues- cutting and starving themselves. Thank you for taking time to talk to them; and to listen to them. Thank you for accepting me. You never tried to make me into anyone other than my weird, weird, weird self. You bought me a dog when I decided my only friend was an imaginary giraffe (Oh, sweet Maxine. She’s still alive in Africa, you know. Imaginary giraffes live for a very long time.)

You are the most patient person I know. I’m not sure if we have ever let you finish a story. 3 daughters and a wife: the world’s greatest interrupters. Thanks for showing me to listen (I’m still working on it). We are so different. If you’re not 5 minutes early, you consider yourself late. If I’m 5 minutes early…. well that will never happen. 😉 And while we are so different, we are so similar. You understand my need for alone time. That sometimes large groups can be overwhelming to me. I, so, appreciate your understanding. It makes me a happier person.


Dad- will I ever find a man who loves me as much as you do? Who will answer my questions? Who will push me to be a better person? Who is excited by my need for adventure? I hope I do. I hope you love him and you guys are best friends (and that I am a little scared of, because I am slightly already jealous of that). You teach me everyday that family is a priority- and that love, as much as it is a feeling, is a decision. Thank you.

Most importantly- you teach me to make my relationship with Jesus my own- that it is not about legalism, but about the Gospel. My peace is that He is always with me- and the best Father of all.

I love you Dad! Happy Father’s Day!


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