Vacation Time

My family is the greatest. Upon hearing the news that my job was no more- their immediate response: vacation time. Thanks Mom and Dad for always, always, always showing me what is important in life. Sometimes you just need to get in a good vacation before the “real world” happens.


Yes I did bring Dolce dog. AND yes my nephew is the best dog walking partner around.

I whispered to my older sister in the car, “I think Dad is taking us for ice cream.” I have never felt more like a 7 year old in my life. Also my dad was not taking us for ice cream. When Lisa and I both expressed our GREAT disappointment over this, he turned the car around and stopped by the ice cream store. (Nephew is comparing his cone with mine. I won.)IMG_5943

Just the cutest kid in California.

Also thanks to my family again- for recognizing that even during a family vacation I need recharging time. They are currently at a winery- and Dolce and I are here alone enjoying introvert time. Remember to voice what is important to YOU- it was important to me that even during the greatness of family time, I get alone time. I am happier for it, they are happier for it. Everyone wins.


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