Bridal Shower

I am so tired. Bridal showers are exhausting. BUT SO WORTH IT. I am so bummed I didn’t take any pictures (I guess that’s the dilemma of planning, executing, and hosting the party (no sleeeeeeeep). Even though I didn’t snap a bunch of pics, I did want to share about the shower.

At first, Gayle didn’t want a shower. She wasn’t all for the idea of being the center of attention and people buying gifts for her and Patrick. After a lot of explaining that this was how people wanted to love on her (and that we were buying her gifts regardless, so it might as well be something she wanted)- she conceded.

To me the shower was important, because I didn’t throw an engagement party. The party was kind of selfish of me- I needed it. My baby sister is getting married and I needed to celebrate it. To accept it. And parties, to me, are a reality check. THIS IS HAPPENING. Also… I AM SO SO SO SO SO excited for it.


Menu (Gayle was born in FL, and from our time living there acquired all of food tastes from the south it seems):

sweet peach tea

mini chicken and waffles

mini key lime pies

mini corndogs (this girl…)

cucumber sandwiches


Throwing a shower was also important to me because Gayle is leaving for North Africa soon. I’m going to miss her face. One of my favorite thing to to do is send letters with her. She is the honey in my tea for sure- my life is so much sweeter because of her. I love you little owl and am so excited for you to go- and then get back. 🙂


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