Staying Home

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Today my dilemma is ‘to go out’ or ‘to stay in.’ Staying in almost always wins. Going out would have been great too (aka church, getting groceries, groceries, did I mention groceries), but there are days when you really just need to stay at home.

I’m an introvert (the cool thing to discuss these days), with an extremely extrovert job (retail). 5 days a week I can handle being around people for 9 hours of the day. 1 day a week I devote to catching up with friends. I try, try, try to have 1 day a week for me, but some weeks friends take precedence over that. For the past few weeks I haven’t had a ‘me-day’ and it’s showed. I get a bit more grumpy around people during the other 6 days of the week. My ‘me-days’ are truly about recharging. It may sound selfish, but for the health of my personal mind, and all my relationships I need a day of nothing.

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Not that my ‘me-days’ are filled with nothing. They aren’t. Today I baked (because that’s all I had in my house, and I was too lazy to go grocery shopping). I also walked Dolce 5 times (life of an urban dog). I read the Word (so good). I did dishes (whoop whoop). These were all great things that needed to be done AND I got to do it while not spending any social energy. A lot of people might not understand why I need a day, but if I didn’t have these days I would be a much more stressed out crazy person.

Today was a good day. God was with me all day, reminding me to take time to be still. To worship Him. To be quiet and listen.


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