Planes, Trains, & Automobiles

A few years ago my friend Sarah and I took a week long roadtrip through NM, CO, UT, and NV. It was so much fun, so we decided to do it again. Except I couldn’t take a week off work, so we changed our road trip this year to a plane and train trip to California. We flew into LA and then took the train to Surf, California. Bestie trips are the best. It was even more special to have a few days of just Sarah time because she’s moving to the east coast in about a week and a half. 😦

IMG_5440 IMG_5390 IMG_5385 IMG_5376

We stayed at the Ace Hotel and had a blast exploring downtown LA.

IMG_5405 IMG_5419 IMG_5446 IMG_5445

Our first stop off the train was to Solvang- the cutest California Danish town- with the most delicious pastries in ALL the land. After we stuffed our faces we headed to the beach. We might look happy, but it was cold and windy so we’re liars.

IMG_5422 IMG_5438         IMG_5436 IMG_5456

We hit up several wineries/ tasting rooms while in Central California. I suck at tasting wines (seriously I am truly trying to taste the white pepper, blackberry, and smokey flavors, but COME ON! It tastes like wine).

IMG_5478 IMG_5495

We took the train back down to LA, and ended up staying a few extra days (thanks East Coast weather). A 5 day trip ended up lasting a week. As frustrated as I get when plans change, Sarah remained positive and just super flexible. Throughout the trip I was reminded of how freakin’ amazing of a friend Sarah is. I’m going to miss this lady so much, but can’t wait for the next trip we take!


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