He Will Meet Us There


Today’s “Jesus Calling” devotional focused on our problems. We had them. We have them. We will have them. What is your focus during these circumstances? Will we let out focus be on how we can fix them? Or how absolutely awful they are and how no one can understand!? OR will we fix our eyes upon Jesus. Will we decide to have faith and walk on water with Him? (Matthew 14: 28-32).

We have been raised with Christ, so that someday we will see perfection (Eph 2:6). Let’s turn our focus to heaven  and recognize that Christ is above all things. He is above work drama. He is above family issues. He is above my loneliness and thoughts of self-worth. He sees my weaknesses and He meets me there. That is the most comforting and beautiful feeling.

“I know your weakness, and I meet you in that very place.”

*Mostly moved in to my new place. No reading corner yet. Dolcedog and Edi the cat are with my parents for a few more weeks while I settle in. I miss them SO MUCH, but had breakfast while I read this morning because they never let me eat breakfast and read at the same time. Turning some pet withdrawals into quality time with no attention suckers.


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