Love, love, love

IMG_5254 (1)Eloise is one of my favorite characters. She’s 6. And she always, always, always says things 3 times.

But that’s not what this post is about, this post is about how much I love Valentine’s Day. 🙂 Valentine’s Day is a fun time to dress up in a dramatically romantic outfit. Red lips. Black tulle. It’s also a time to give just because I love you gifts to special people. This year I gave out socks. You are welcome. Here’s to love! And cake.

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Also this post is about LOVE and I love that GAYLE AND PATRICK ARE ENGAGED! It didn’t happen on Valentine’s Day, he asked her a few days before. I am so, so, so excited for the two of them! I cannot wait for their August wedding. AUGUST. SO SOON. She’s got this planning under control though. And thankfully she has some amazing friends to help her out. (Even if when they look through bridal mags in my living room, my living room turns into looking like a swanky waiting room).

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Live From New Mexico!

It’s Saturday Night Live. Except it’s not Saturday. And it’s not live.

Last night was SNL’s 40th anniversary special; and what better way to celebrate than a party? I love themed parties- any reason to dress up and make something themed is like a ice cream cone on a warm sunny day (and I love love love ice cream). here are a few photos of the night:

I made instagram sugar cookies for the event, we had a ‘come as your favorite character (or 3rd favorite) dress-code, quotable foods, and 40s for the 40th! Can’t wait until the next themed event!

cookiesIMG_5273IMG_5275IMG_5281IMG_5276 IMG_5296IMG_0318IMG_5284

60 Reasons I Love My Mom

My mom turned a certain age on the 2nd. I’ll let you guess her age by the title of the post. 😉 Every year she asks for two things: love and a handmade birthday card. In her birthday card I included 60 reasons why I love her (certainly the reasons are limitless, but here are 60):

IMG_50991. You taught me about Jesus.

2. You are beautiful.

3. You sacrifice your happiness for mine.

4.  You are generous.

5. You are the best cook ever.

6. You taught me how to clean.

7.You are pretty funny.

8.I get my sense of style from you. (Thanks for letting me dress myself since I was in preschool.)



10.Your house is always open for us to come over and have invite friends.

11. You love everyone.

12. You support me in all my choices. From traveling to Iraq, to changing majors, to living alone.

13. You taught me how to put others first, but also to make sure I am ok.

14. You show me what forgiveness truly means.

15. You look really cute in leggings and Ugg boots (I do not say this lightly).

16. You love my dog- and accept my obession for her.

17. You’re always honest.


18. You don’t give up.

19. You are so creative.

20. You always packed my elementary and middle school lunches.

21. You taught me how to stand up for myself, even if I was embarrassed when you did it.

22. You taught me that sin has consequences.

23. You are always working.

24. You are the hardest worker I know.

25. You showed me that if I want something I have to work for it.

26. You take care of me when I’m sick (still. even though we live 45 minutes away. you still drop off medicine.)

27. I know you love me, because you tell me- AND you show me.

28.You’d vote for me on American Idol/ The Voice. Even though you IMG_5161have definitely told me you’d be the only one voting for me.

29. You enrolled me in etiquette classes and made sure I could successfully dine with the Queen, if need be.

30. You let me make my own choices- even when you know they end in pain.

31. You’ve illustrated the importance of thanking God.

32. You show me how to trust God- because I see the trust you put in Him.

33. I like to garden because of you. I never ever ever thought I would.

34. You are BRAVE.

35. You always pick up my phone calls.

36. You share- your food- your clothes- your stories.

37. You use to rub my ear and sing to me so that I would fall asleep.

IMG_520538. In elementary school you always sent us balloons and candy for Valentine’s Day.

39. You always have a band-aid. (I always need a band-aid.)

40. You have a really pretty smile.

41. You can’t do a cartwheel, but you still try.

42. You are so easy to scare. I love it!

43. You taught me to spend more on quality because it will last longer.

44. You know that spending time with people is important.

45. You are selfless.

46. You love your family even though we are a bunch of weirdos.

47. You like tea parties.

48. You always had a home-cooked meal ready when I lived at home.

IMG_513849. You never complain.

50. You taught me things are never ‘weird,’ they are ‘different.’

51. You encourage my need to travel.

52. You like to try new things.

53. When my sisters and I fight, you always make us hug afterward.

54. You know the importance of skin-care, and make I wash and moisturize my face…

55. and brush my teeth…..

56. and change into my pjs (my mother tells me this every night when I’m home).

57. You go to the store late at night so when I wake up I can have seaweed soup on my birthday.

58. You show me prayer is powerful.

59. You taught me my sisters are my forever friends.

                                   60. YOU ARE MY MOM AND I LOVE YOU!

*If you need a list for Dad too check it out HERE!*

He Will Meet Us There


Today’s “Jesus Calling” devotional focused on our problems. We had them. We have them. We will have them. What is your focus during these circumstances? Will we let out focus be on how we can fix them? Or how absolutely awful they are and how no one can understand!? OR will we fix our eyes upon Jesus. Will we decide to have faith and walk on water with Him? (Matthew 14: 28-32).

We have been raised with Christ, so that someday we will see perfection (Eph 2:6). Let’s turn our focus to heaven  and recognize that Christ is above all things. He is above work drama. He is above family issues. He is above my loneliness and thoughts of self-worth. He sees my weaknesses and He meets me there. That is the most comforting and beautiful feeling.

“I know your weakness, and I meet you in that very place.”

*Mostly moved in to my new place. No reading corner yet. Dolcedog and Edi the cat are with my parents for a few more weeks while I settle in. I miss them SO MUCH, but had breakfast while I read this morning because they never let me eat breakfast and read at the same time. Turning some pet withdrawals into quality time with no attention suckers.