Lanay’s [Face]Thyme

lanay thyme

Throughout college my friend Lanay and I had a baking show: Lanay’s Thyme (by show I mean we baked in her kitchen and talked to an invisible audience pretending we had a show. Her mom thought we were crazy). She is still one of my dearest friends, and sadly she and her hubby move to the D.C. area last year. Even though she’s a few time-zones away we still make our friendship a priority and get creative with how we keep in touch. This past week we FaceTime and Lanay’s Thymed simultaneously. She talked me through how to make fudgey brownies (DELICIOUS) and we caught up on life.

The brownies were delicious, though definitely not needed. The conversation was even better and definitely needed. I love being part of her life and having her in mine. Everyone deserves a friend who laughs at you when you forget brownies need flour and you don’t have any. Better yet, when you spill your vanilla all over your just cleaned floors, a friend who doesn’t even stop talking because that’s just life. She’s the best. and that’s that.



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