She Reads Truth| I Need Thee Every Hour


Today was day 5 (for me) of the plan “Hymns,” on SHE READS TRUTH. The past week of revisiting old hymns really made me appreciate the musically talented. (I have no musical talent. My middle school band director told me to pic another hobby. THAT’S how terrible I was). SHE READS TRUTH also has a Spotify playlist of the songs on the plan- check it out.

One part of the devotional this morning that really struck me:

“I ask Jesus for all the things, but I don’t ask Him enough.”

How true is this? I could ask Jesus all day everyday, but that still wouldn’t be enough. Thank God He doesn’t require that. He desires that, but He doesn’t require it. Jesus paid my debt, He lived perfectly. I am so free from that debt. I am so free of worry. (Or I should be so free from worry, but I still, unfortunately, do sometimes).

I need Him every hour. He is always near. When I’m filled with joy- He’s there to be praised. When I’m filled with fear- He’s there to take it away. When I’m bored- He’s there to remind me to get the freak out of boredom and serve Him, share Him. When I’m lost in pity- He’s there to remind me to thank Him. He is with me every hour, because I need Him every hour. I just have to come to Him.

Another part of the devotional that struck a chord (get it, it’s a song devotional and I said chord…I love puns):

JOHN 15:5 “Apart from me you can do nothing.”

“Do you hear the freedom in that today? You and I don’t have to manufacture our own goodness, our own enoughness. Everything good is from Him and for Him.”

John 15:5 use to make me feel really useless. This is exactly what I needed to read today (and everyday?). I am easily upset. I feel like I could be the person that reaches over the counter and strangles someone (I work retail). I am the person in their car who quite possibly could hit your car out of rage because you may or may not have cut me off. Because of Jesus I am free from those actions. I have peace because of Him. He is more than my moral compass or my Jiminy Cricket. Jesus is my Savior. And when I find myself getting upset, I turn to Him and He calms my soul.

“I need Thee every hour, stay Thou nearby;

Temptations lose their power when Thou art nigh.”


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