Yesterday was this cutie’s 3rd birthday! I can’t believe 3 years have come and gone already. In honor of his amazing 3 years- I’d love to write down 3 lessons I’ve learned from him.

1. It’s ok to share drinks with kids. Backwash won’t kill you. Before-Nephew I refused to let any kid (obviously kids I know) drink from my beverage. That was a no-no-no. Now if he asks politely, how can you say no!?

2. Boys will be boys. Let them be boys. I don’t like bugs. I don’t like monster trucks. I don’t like screaming and yelling and running and chasing each other around with toy guns. He does. Nephew has taught me to use my imagination and go with the flow. To challenge myself and stare at bugs on the sidewalk. He loves it. I love him.

3. God is good- His plans are good- His timing is good. Someday I’ll share the story of how tumultuous my emotions were when I found out I was going to be an aunt, but not now. Now is the time to praise God for being so loving, and for loving on Nephew. It is amazing to see Nephew learn about God at such a young age. I pray that he continues to learn about Him forever; and to be just as eager-eyed in 30 years as he is now. I pray that I’m an aunt that encourages him to question everything (just as my parents challenged me to do); and to search for answers; and to listen for them too. Nephew teaches me to think beyond myself, and onto future generations.




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