Q & A

A few years ago I received a ‘Q & A a day’ journal. I haven’t really used it, save for a few times when I just needed ice breaker questions for dinner parties. While cleaning my desk I came across the book again and though what a great way to start writing again- especially if my mind is not so keen on coming up with topics or there aren’t many life events happening.

The question for January 7th is:

“You are lucky; how so or how not so?”

I am lucky. I am blessed. I am fortunate. Whatever word you use to describe my life- it is wonderful. My parents work(ed) for the opportunities I have. I work for the life I have and desire.

BUT no matter how much labor I put into my life, nothing can change that I was born in a free country. A place where I was lucky/blessed/ required to be educated. A country where it is my right to have a say and be involved in what takes place. Even a country I can drive, vote, and laugh in. There are factors of my life that are correlated to the focus and drive of myself, but there are aspects that I had no choice in- and that is just plain luck.


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