Moving Sucks

This title is a bit deceiving. Moving does not suck. Moving is exciting- it’s a welcomed change. PACKING SUCKS. Packing is the bane of my existence. Why do I have so much junk? Scratch that, it’s not junk. Why do I have so many little bits and pieces of things I didn’t use at all […]


What are you looking forward to? Ummm, what a perfect question for today. What a perfect way to reflect on what I just did. Fun fact: no one I know knows about Lovely & Alive. I’d like to keep it that way for a while too, because I am going to write about my baby […]


Yesterday was this cutie’s 3rd birthday! I can’t believe 3 years have come and gone already. In honor of his amazing 3 years- I’d love to write down 3 lessons I’ve learned from him. 1. It’s ok to share drinks with kids. Backwash won’t kill you. Before-Nephew I refused to let any kid (obviously kids […]

Q & A

A few years ago I received a ‘Q & A a day’ journal. I haven’t really used it, save for a few times when I just needed ice breaker questions for dinner parties. While cleaning my desk I came across the book again and though what a great way to start writing again- especially if […]


HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hate resolutions. That being said here are mine: 1. Write everyday. Something. Anything. 2. Try to cook a new meal once a week. Sounds easy enough, right? I currently eat at Whole Foods 5xs a week. 3. Read everyday. A book. A news article. A chapter in the Bible. Reading something […]