Moving Sucks

This title is a bit deceiving. Moving does not suck. Moving is exciting- it’s a welcomed change. PACKING SUCKS.

Packing is the bane of my existence. Why do I have so much junk? Scratch that, it’s not junk. Why do I have so many little bits and pieces of things I didn’t use at all this year, but can’t seem to get rid of!? I am a sentimentalist I suppose. I also suppose that’s what pack-rats call themselves. I have no pictures of my packing, because everyone would be shocked at how un-organized it is. Sure cups can go in with clothes! And of course my books can go in with Dolce Dog’s treats and snacks. Why not? Who’s to tell me not to?

I am sad to be leaving the Dewey Darling Dwelling, but ready to move closer to the downtown area. This post has been a jumble of words, but this past week has been a jumble of life- figuring out where to move to, packing, repacking, cleaning the house, and work. Someday soon I’ll write down how much I loved the Dewey Dwelling and how much I’ve learned living here. I’ll also write down how much I hate unpacking. 🙂


Lanay’s [Face]Thyme

lanay thyme

Throughout college my friend Lanay and I had a baking show: Lanay’s Thyme (by show I mean we baked in her kitchen and talked to an invisible audience pretending we had a show. Her mom thought we were crazy). She is still one of my dearest friends, and sadly she and her hubby move to the D.C. area last year. Even though she’s a few time-zones away we still make our friendship a priority and get creative with how we keep in touch. This past week we FaceTime and Lanay’s Thymed simultaneously. She talked me through how to make fudgey brownies (DELICIOUS) and we caught up on life.

The brownies were delicious, though definitely not needed. The conversation was even better and definitely needed. I love being part of her life and having her in mine. Everyone deserves a friend who laughs at you when you forget brownies need flour and you don’t have any. Better yet, when you spill your vanilla all over your just cleaned floors, a friend who doesn’t even stop talking because that’s just life. She’s the best. and that’s that.



What are you looking forward to?

Ummm, what a perfect question for today. What a perfect way to reflect on what I just did. Fun fact: no one I know knows about Lovely & Alive. I’d like to keep it that way for a while too, because I am going to write about my baby sister’s future wedding. THAT’S what I’m looking forward to.

Gayle doesn’t even know she about to become engaged. I mean that’s the assumption of where her relationship is going, but she doesn’t know that her future husband to be just called me to ask for engagement ring shopping help.


Most men would like to pick one out by themselves. It’s a very intimate shopping trip- the one ring (to rule them all….). I think it humbles a man to ask for help. It also illustrates that the future hubby to be is sensitive to the fact that Gayle is, not only my sister, but my very best of best of friends. He knew I would like to be included in this (I also know what she loves and loathes). Being kept out of the loop drives me crazy and makes me feel unimportant, and I love that this is a small way he is respecting my relationship with her. That is why I am so so so looking forward to them being engaged AND married.

seesters* fun fact: Gayle, Patrick and I have been friends for 4 or 5 years. They didn’t start dating until 2014. She tricked me. Every guy she’s liked, I haven’t known. Therefore I automatically didn’t like them. Patrick I couldn’t not like. I already knew he was a great guy (albeit sometimes when they get together it’s a little annoying- they are both so funny). I am so happy that they have such a solid friendship- it’s made the communication so much easier. 

* freakin’ freaky fact: look out for an engagement soon and a wedding within the year. SLIGHT TYPE A FREAK OUT MOMENT HERE.

She Reads Truth| I Need Thee Every Hour


Today was day 5 (for me) of the plan “Hymns,” on SHE READS TRUTH. The past week of revisiting old hymns really made me appreciate the musically talented. (I have no musical talent. My middle school band director told me to pic another hobby. THAT’S how terrible I was). SHE READS TRUTH also has a Spotify playlist of the songs on the plan- check it out.

One part of the devotional this morning that really struck me:

“I ask Jesus for all the things, but I don’t ask Him enough.”

How true is this? I could ask Jesus all day everyday, but that still wouldn’t be enough. Thank God He doesn’t require that. He desires that, but He doesn’t require it. Jesus paid my debt, He lived perfectly. I am so free from that debt. I am so free of worry. (Or I should be so free from worry, but I still, unfortunately, do sometimes).

I need Him every hour. He is always near. When I’m filled with joy- He’s there to be praised. When I’m filled with fear- He’s there to take it away. When I’m bored- He’s there to remind me to get the freak out of boredom and serve Him, share Him. When I’m lost in pity- He’s there to remind me to thank Him. He is with me every hour, because I need Him every hour. I just have to come to Him.

Another part of the devotional that struck a chord (get it, it’s a song devotional and I said chord…I love puns):

JOHN 15:5 “Apart from me you can do nothing.”

“Do you hear the freedom in that today? You and I don’t have to manufacture our own goodness, our own enoughness. Everything good is from Him and for Him.”

John 15:5 use to make me feel really useless. This is exactly what I needed to read today (and everyday?). I am easily upset. I feel like I could be the person that reaches over the counter and strangles someone (I work retail). I am the person in their car who quite possibly could hit your car out of rage because you may or may not have cut me off. Because of Jesus I am free from those actions. I have peace because of Him. He is more than my moral compass or my Jiminy Cricket. Jesus is my Savior. And when I find myself getting upset, I turn to Him and He calms my soul.

“I need Thee every hour, stay Thou nearby;

Temptations lose their power when Thou art nigh.”

Birthday Weekend (TBT)

I love my birthday. Love it. My birthdays just seem to get better and better each year. I feel so loved and value especially on my birthday. This year I spent it at my favorite local B&B, Los Poblanos. If you’re ever in Albuquerque and you love lavender or farm shops this place is a must see.

Originally the weekend was going to be just me, my introverted self, and I, but my sweet housemate went ahead and booked her, my sister and I a suite AND a few fun surprises along the way. I don’t usually like surprises, but these were the best.

unnamedFor lunch Sarah (roomie to the right of the photo) and I met up with Gayle (sister to the left of the photo) at Flying Star. What started off with just the 3 of us quickly turned into lunch with so many of my favorite people. 🙂 Please forgive the wonkiness of the panoramic.

After lunch Sarah, Gayle and I headed to Los Poblanos:

Albert gayle and tater

My least favorite part of Los Poblanos is you can’t bring your pet, but with all the animals they have there it’s easy to get your animal fix.

los poblanosTHIS BED! That is all.

heads up   night

After lounging around for a bit, a few more of my favorite people stopped by to get my house keys (they were watching Dolce Dog while I was gone). We played a few rounds of ‘Heads Up.’ SO MUCH FUN. Get that game/ app immediately.

farm and table    duck tamales

It was basically a weekend of my favorite people and places. For dinner we went to Farm and Table. The duck tamales weren’t my favorite- they did look pretty (but if you’re ever there the fries never disappoint).

birthdayHappy birthday to me!

fire and tea


After dinner fire and tea in the room. Breakfast the next day at Los Poblanos was chilequilles- the best.

mom     keshet

The next day I was the one who planned out the surprise. I took my adorable mother to see Nutcracker on the Rocks, by the Keshet Dance Company. I’ve been a few times over the Christmas’, but it was her first. She loved it.

My birthday was last month, but the love and generosity will forever stay in my heart. Can’t wait for next year!



Yesterday was this cutie’s 3rd birthday! I can’t believe 3 years have come and gone already. In honor of his amazing 3 years- I’d love to write down 3 lessons I’ve learned from him.

1. It’s ok to share drinks with kids. Backwash won’t kill you. Before-Nephew I refused to let any kid (obviously kids I know) drink from my beverage. That was a no-no-no. Now if he asks politely, how can you say no!?

2. Boys will be boys. Let them be boys. I don’t like bugs. I don’t like monster trucks. I don’t like screaming and yelling and running and chasing each other around with toy guns. He does. Nephew has taught me to use my imagination and go with the flow. To challenge myself and stare at bugs on the sidewalk. He loves it. I love him.

3. God is good- His plans are good- His timing is good. Someday I’ll share the story of how tumultuous my emotions were when I found out I was going to be an aunt, but not now. Now is the time to praise God for being so loving, and for loving on Nephew. It is amazing to see Nephew learn about God at such a young age. I pray that he continues to learn about Him forever; and to be just as eager-eyed in 30 years as he is now. I pray that I’m an aunt that encourages him to question everything (just as my parents challenged me to do); and to search for answers; and to listen for them too. Nephew teaches me to think beyond myself, and onto future generations.



Letting Go & Recognizing Him

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One of the ways I write each day involves my daily time with Jesus. I really try to start/end the day by reading the Bible- usually through the devotional “Jesus Calling,” or through the app “She Reads Truth.”


From “Jesus Calling:”

“Speak to me candidly; pour out your heart. Then thank Me for the answers I have set in motion long before you can discern results.”

How freaking amazing that I can just tell God my worries, my hopes, my thanksgivings? I can be honest with Him- since He already knows my thoughts. Sometimes (a lot of the time), I agonize over the smallest issues (except at the moment I don’t realize how minuscule they are). During these stressful times I wish I would turn to Jesus immediately and spend time with Him. Even though spending time with Him doesn’t make the problem go away- it does lift such a burden of ‘control’ off. He is always in control, but it’s so much easier in life if I don’t try to fight for that power (which I do- I’m a control freak).

Psalm 46:10

He says, “Be still, and know that I am God;
    I will be exalted among the nations,
    I will be exalted in the earth.”

Colossians 4:2

 Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful.

Another part to the devotional today, was to thank God during and after prayer. Thank Him for the blessings and answers He has given you AND the ones in progress. “Thankful prayers keep your focus on My Presence and My promise.” I want this to be my focus. I want HIM to be my focus.


**Honest moment: Sometimes I’d rather Netflix than read the Bible. Most days I’d decide to sleep for an extra 30 minutes instead of get up and read His Word. To make quiet time more appealing (aka cuter) I set up a quiet time corner in my room. I love spending time in this corner. I feel so at peace with the white fluffy blanket and soft lights. To help me wake up I drink coffee while I read. To make this corner even more appealing; every time I settle in my pets cuddle next to me. It’s the best part of my day.


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