Lanay’s Thyme

Yesterday was the wedding of one of my dearest friends, Lanay.

I have been so excited for this day because I love love love Lanay and her hubby Michael.

This wedding was also the first time I’ve been maid of honor— and let me tell you it was a little overwhelming, but thankfully Lanay is so relaxed that she didn’t demand a whole lot.

We had the bachelorette part at Albuquerque’s Hotel Parq Central. The hotel is allegedly haunted so that added to the fun. We went with a fiesta theme and had a piñata filled with various bachelorette goodies 😉.

The hotel also has a gorgeous rooftop apothecary lounge- great view, great drinks and our waitress was super fun!


Some of the girls stayed the night with Lanay and I at the hotel. In the morning we discovered the perfect sunroom! And had our morning coffee in some rocking chairs outside.



I am so glad Lanay didn’t want a crazy bachelorette because I think we all just needed some R & R.

I’ll post on her wedding day when I get some more pics of it! The downside of most bridesmaids dresses is they don’t have pockets to carry a camera/ phone!


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