Summer Time Lovin’

I love summer. Well I guess in all honesty I love every season. But right now I am LOVIN’ summer. After spending a summer in the Middle East I have a new appreciation for summers in New Mexico. I am in awe of air conditioning AND that I can wear shorts! BBOOOOOM! Complaints about the heat vanish.

Summer in NM is special to me. It’s a time for tubing down the Rio Grande, for sitting outside Satellite and catching up with friends. Summer is time for Jemez hikes and jumping off cliffs in to pools of chilling waters. The warm weather means it’s time for Lavender Festival (July 13 & 14), art festivals, wine festivals and well just a lot of fun festivals. (Summer this year also means seeing Seth Meyers do stand-up.)



After fall, summer is my favorite clothing season. The shorts! The skirts! The dresses! I just cannot get enough. At the moment I am obsessed with headbands- especially floral ones. I almost bought one the other week while window shopping around Nob Hill, but it was $40….. Ummmmm no. It looked pretty easy to make and that (usually) deceitful part of my brain told me I could make it. So I did. I actually made two for under $7! TAKE THAT RIDICULOUSLY OVERPRICED STORE IN NOB HILL! (I totally would have paid $40 for the pre-made one if I knew of wear it often, but floral headbands aren’t really part of my style ascetic and I know I’m rarely going to wear them. So now I don’t feel guilty about the purchase.)




Lanay’s Thyme

Yesterday was the wedding of one of my dearest friends, Lanay.

I have been so excited for this day because I love love love Lanay and her hubby Michael.

This wedding was also the first time I’ve been maid of honor— and let me tell you it was a little overwhelming, but thankfully Lanay is so relaxed that she didn’t demand a whole lot.

We had the bachelorette part at Albuquerque’s Hotel Parq Central. The hotel is allegedly haunted so that added to the fun. We went with a fiesta theme and had a piñata filled with various bachelorette goodies 😉.

The hotel also has a gorgeous rooftop apothecary lounge- great view, great drinks and our waitress was super fun!


Some of the girls stayed the night with Lanay and I at the hotel. In the morning we discovered the perfect sunroom! And had our morning coffee in some rocking chairs outside.



I am so glad Lanay didn’t want a crazy bachelorette because I think we all just needed some R & R.

I’ll post on her wedding day when I get some more pics of it! The downside of most bridesmaids dresses is they don’t have pockets to carry a camera/ phone!