Gardening & Growing Up


I have never ever had an interest in gardening. I appreciated gardens, but the thought of having to tend to one was enough to send me inside. Something this year has changed that.

This year I decided that Albuquerque was home- no long term travels in the near future for me. So a garden it is!

Now it’s actually a teeny tiny garden since I don’t necessarily have the greenest of thumbs. A planted a few lavender plants, some succulents, banana peppers and some petite bell peppers. It’s only day 5 of gardening but so far it’s going great. Every morning I water my little piece of earth while I eat a mango and while Dolce Dog enjoys some outside playtime.

To me, at the moment, gardening is a gift. It’s a time to be out alone and to think. Hopefully the plants flourish, but if not not I still believe that it’s going to be beneficial to my life planning. Heck it’s only day 5, but I can’t wait to smell the lavender (and make little cuddles of lavender) and see the veggies grow!

Now I’m probably thinking too much, but I’m already thinking of what other veggies I can grow…. Then I think, it’s only day 5 and I should wait to see how these plants turn out first.


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